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On the season 6 finale, Leslie must make a big decision about her future while working on the Unity concert. Leslie, Ben, and Andy head to San Franciso where Leslie is speaking at a National Parks convention. She gets to speak to Michelle Obama and after much deliberation, she decided to accept the job in Chicago. She's told she can hire whomever she wants, so of course, Leslie does her best to recruit everyone from Pawnee to her Chicago team. Unfortunately, they all love their lives in Pawnee and wish her the best.

Meanwhile, Tom, Donna, Ron, April, Larry, and Craig do a soft open of Tom's Bistro for his investment partner and it goes so poorly, he pulls out of investing in the restaurant. April and Ron convince Tom not to quit just because of one bad experience and Tom recruits Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa to help him get the word out about the restaurant. They do and the restaurant is a huge success! So much so that Dr. Sapperstein offers to be an investment partner. Tom turns him down, but tells him he'll think about it.

April and Andy make sure that everything at the Unity concert goes off without a hitch and when Andy seems to miss performing with a band, April swings it so him and Mouserat get to close out the unity concert with their tribute to Lil Sebastian. Duke Silver AKA Ron Swanson joins all the acts on stage to perform. 

Tammy comes around to tempt Ron, but he happily remains with his family, not tempted by her in the slightest. He lets Diane know how happy he is with her.

In the end, Leslie and Ben figure out a way to run the Midwest National Parks headquarters from Pawnee. The show fast-fowards three years into the future and shows Leslie as a woman completely in charge and in control of her much larger department. Jon Hamm makes a quick cameo and we see the triplets, happily with Aunt April and Uncle Andy. 


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Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 21 Quotes

Please, Ron. I’ve never asked you for anything today.


This is the hardest I’ve ever worked on anything since…wow—I’ve never worked hard on anything! What a cool life!