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As Leslie eagerly awaits an opportunity to purchase a large piece of land for a national park, Ben reminds her that someone she hates is in the building. That person turns out to be Ron Swanson himself. They have a stand off and tensions are high.

Ron has been working for his own private firm and is currently being contracted by one of Gryzzl's owners, Mike Bean. When Mike declares that he's going to purchase the land for his own use, Leslie swears to do everything in her power to prevent that. 

April and Andy are living their lives thoroughly. April has her job and Andy has his days full as well. Andy apparently has his own TV show called "Johnny Awesome: Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show." However, April and Andy soon realize the mundane nature of their day to day lives and decide to do something crazy at a ceremony awarding Ben for his accomplishments. 

Tom has been becoming quite the mogul over the past three years, and in order to keep expanding, he's teaming up with Ron and Gryzzl in order to get an establishment and presence in the new development being discussed on the land that's up for sell.

Tom is supposed to introduce Ben at that same awards ceremony but instead selfishly hogs all the light for himself. He goes on to endlessly talk about how humble he is, while offering almost no compliments to Ben. 

When Ben finally gets up to the podium to deliver his prepared speech, Ron and Leslie break out into fight. Their scuffle lands them both on to the cake that was prematurely brought out for Ben, and effectively cuts Ben's speech short - before it ever even began. 

Andy and April are dejected that they didn't even get to streak like they were planning on doing.

Leslie's frustration grows as she butts heads with Ron and Mike Bean over negations on a price for the land. She boldly offers zero dollars, claiming that the preservation of the land was in the owner's favor - that in order to protect the legacy of the last name, the land should be donated to Pawnee's Parks and Rec. 

Ben confronts Tom about his selfish behavior, and Tom breaks down saying that he actually had a speech written for Ben. He reads his speech and both Tom and Ben are moved to tears and can't quite sobbing like babies.

April and Andy's spontaneous act turns out to be purchasing a very old and disgusting, yet exciting, house. 

When Leslie realizes that almost half of her team would be working with Ron on the future project, she enlists the help of Andy, April, and, begrudgingly, Jerry. 

Once it's clear to her that she isn't out of the running as a possible candidate for the purchase of the land, Leslie decides it's time to keep it up a notch. She storms Ron's offices and offers Tom, Donna, and the rest of them, freshly baked cookes as a token of war. 

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I'm perfectly civil! He's the stupid garbage-head doodoo-face!


I could retire! But I wouldn't - I'm going to work until I'm a 100. Then I'll cut back to four days a week.