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Leslie's push to come up with a new town slogan gets unwanted attention on local radio. When Ben creates a new Pawnee website, Leslie continues her push for town unity by letting the citizens of Pawnee vote and write it ideas for the town slogan. Of course, things don't go as planned and Leslie is mocked on the website. In order to practice delegating, Leslie asks Larry to help her run the city meeting where the slogan is decided.

It turns out that she can delegate and although the new town slogan has grammar errors, it's still much better than one degrading Leslie. 

Meanwhile, April and Donna come with Tom to look at restaurant locations. After Donna shows him three mediocre locations and April speaks negatively about each one, Tom leaves discouraged. But as it turns out, both Donna and April were trying to get Tom to stay at the Parks department, so they were being negative and showing him terrible locations on purpose.

Donna finds a great location for Tom's Bistro and in the end, April and Donna encourage Tom to take it.

Andy searches for musical acts to play at the Unity Concert. Craig points him in the direction of Cozy's, a jazz bar. Andy sees Duke Silver play and thinks Ron has an identical twin until Ron tells him he is Duke Silver. Andy tells Ron he has to play at the unity concert, but Ron refuses and quits his whole music career. He would rather not play music at all than play it publicly. Andy convinces him to keep his music career even if he doesn't play the unity concert. 

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Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Good, I hate paperwork. I hardly ever do it in my bed on a Saturday night listening to old Spice Girls CDs.


What’s wrong with you? You look like Meryl Streep at the end of Iron Weed. You wish…