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Tonight's episode starts with Leslie talking to Ron about wanting to throw him and Diane a baby shower. She then turns around and realizes that Diane has already had the baby. Ron spends most of the episode trying to get away from people and ends up on a floor that needs major construction in the building. He agrees to fix it up if everyone leaves him alone.

Meanwhile, Tom and Ben meet with corporate sponsors for the upcoming benefit concert. One sponsor is interested in hearing Tom's other ideas for potential investments, so Tom ends up enlisting Ben to help him come up with ideas. Ben shares with him an idea about dry cleaning chemicals, so they take that to the investor, but once Tom is presenting, he realizes he is not passionate about Ben's idea. He ends up pitching a restaurant idea and the investor goes for it!

Unfortunately, Leslie's effort to knock down the wall diving Eagleton and Pawnee are thwarted when a swarm of bees comes in and starts stinging everyone watching her conference. Mostly Eagletonians are stung and Leslie is accused of pranking them by setting up the bees on purpose.

When Leslie goes to visit the Eagletonians in the hospital, Jamm sets it up so that Leslie looks like she is trying to pull a media stunt. There ends up being a fight with the news crew and Leslie ends up getting punch in the face just in time to be visited by someone who offers Leslie an amazing job opportunity to be in charge of a part of the National Parks in Chicago. 

After talking to Ron, Leslie says no for now, but doesn't turn the opportunity down. She doesn't want to leave Pawnee until she feels confident the town won't collapse when she leaves. 

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Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

My son is several weeks old. He is very familiar with the sound of power tools.


I’d like to introduce you to my son. John, middle name redacted, Swanson.