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Tammy 2 makes a reappearance on the show, this time as Councilman Jeremy Jamm's new girlfriend. Although they've only been together for a short amount of time, and never consummated their relationship, Jeremy's gone off the deep end. Tammy has turned him into another version of Ron, and even has him sporting a mustache. 

Jeremy and Tammy are two of the votes Leslie needs to win the land over Ron. She tries to go behind Ron's back and convince Tammy to use her hatred for Ron as a reason to help forget about her hatred for Leslie and actually help her. 

Leslie goes into the meeting thinking she's secured the vote, but Tammy and Jeremy both vote for Ron without even hearing her pitch. She soon finds out that Tammy thought she could make Ron attracted to her again if she helped him, and that Tammy hates her more than anything or anyone else.

Since it has gone on for long enough, Ron and Leslie put Jeremy through rigorous anti-Tammy training. With the help of self-made inventions, and intense drills, including one where Jeremy becomes conditioned to relate the scent of Tammy's perfume to being slapped, they both help him find the courage to tell Tammy to go to hell. 

In the meantime, a drunk Tom and Andy decide to take a cab all the way up to Chicago in order for Tom to reconnect with an old girlfriend of his. Andy comes in and is very useful in helping Tom navigate that minefield, while still remaining as clueless as ever. She ends up being taken, but Tom offers her a job in Pawnee before he finds out. 

With Tammy and Jeremy out of the question as far as the votes were concerned now, Leslie realizes that her and Ron having a truce to help Jeremy was pointless. The votes are still tied, and the games are still on. 

Joan's recent success spreads around town and April, apparently her biggest fan, starts to re-evaluate her life. She's somehow been scooped up into the corporate world of parks and recreation, and never got the chance to find a true passion. She contemplates being a mortician, and even brings Ben, who's deathly afraid of, well, death, with her to take a tour of one. 

She realizes that the come up is the same almost everywhere and feels dejected and lost. She refuses more help at first, but soon caves under Ben's offer of assistance. 

They share a nice hug, as Jerry does what he usually does best - be Jerry. 

Tom and his ex seem to be getting along relatively well as the work together, and Andy promises that there will be love down the road for those two. 

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Parks and Recreation Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Aw are you bummed Tom? I have a quick fix for that - let's get hammered. Everything is free here.


I love her SO much. I hope she's my real mom.