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When Pray Tell goes to visit a dying friend in the AIDs ward of a hospital, Blanca is inspired to make the holidays one the House of Evangelista will cherish after even she's gone. That includes Angel, who recounts a heartwrenching story about her father's bigotry after she stole a red pump one Christmas. While there's plenty of Christmas happening at the House of Evangelista, Angel tries to spend part of her holiday with Stan but he skips out on visiting her at the apartment after Stan's boss shows up at his house and threatens to spill the secret of his affair to his wife. 

Damon, meanwhile, helps prepare his brothers and sisters for the Snow Ball, but ends up neglecting his dance class. After his teacher Helena loses a gifted student to AIDS, she puts her foot down with Damon and throws him out of her class. When Blanca is called in to discuss Damon's behavior, she's told he may get cut at the end of the term. Trying to protect his future, Blanca grounds Damon from balls for a month, including the highly anticipated Snow Ball. Despite his anger and bitterness, when Blanca comes home from the competition, Damon concedes that she was right and re-dedicates himself to his dance lessons. He also confesses his feelings for Ricky and the two spend the night together for the first time. 

At the House of Abundance, Elektra considers giving herself a long-awaited Christmas present: sexual reassignment surgery. Identified by a leading doctor as a perfect candidate, Elektra desire to take the next and final step to becoming the woman she's always been. But in order to do that, she has to get the money -- something she's not sure her gentleman keeper will fork over. As a result, she and several Abundance house members rob a Salvation Army bucket donation site. While her children think it's for their apartment decorations and a ball, Elektra considers keeping it for her surgery. 

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Pose Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Blanca: You think this is the first time since I've been diagnosed that I've had to talk about somebody dying of this plague? Don't you dare treat me as delicate.
Pray: The worst part is that I'm used to it by now. Do you know how many boyfriends I've seen go in there over the last four years? How are we supposed to get invested in someone if they can be gone a week later.
Blanca: As if this life wasn't hard enough.

Damon: Papi. That's not what I choreographed. You look like a gremlin.
Papi: I ain't a dancer.
Damon: It's like this: If you are going to win at snowball, and we are all walking as a house, you have to do it like this because that's the way to win, okay? So just watch me.