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Tommy makes his way out of New York City and remembers all the traumatic events of the last few years. On his way to Los Angeles, he stops in Chicago and looks for an old lady.

After finding out she is in a nursing home, he sees her but leaves before saying anything.

Diamond Sampson gets out of prison after a long stint and is greeted by his brother Jenard.

While grabbing a drink at a local bar later that night, Tommy gets into an altercation with men over a parking spot. He finds out the younger man, Vic, he was arguing with is a member of the Flynn family and is warned by one of Vic’s men to leave town.

Claudia Flynn and her father, Walter Flynn, clash over her role in the business.

One of Vic’s men, Simon, makes trouble at the bar, and Tommy follows him outside where he hears about a 3 am drop. He breaks Simon’s arm and pockets his phone before being caught with bartender Gloria, whom he sleeps with.

Tommy pulls up on Vic and demands he takes him to the drop site. They run into Jenard and two kids who are drugged out and looking for their money. Vic is short on the payment, and the kids start shooting.

Tommy kills one man and wounds the other who gets away. Tommy asks for a cut of the money, which Vic gives up, along with a bag of drugs for his troubles.

Jenard tells Diamond about Tommy’s interference, and Diamond wants to find him. Later, Jenard shows Diamond the barbershop he bought for him.

Tommy goes back to the nursing home and visits with Miriam, who we find out is his grandmother. He is approached by a man outside the home, who informs him that he is also Miriam’s grandson, meaning Tommy has a brother.

A man comes into the barbershop and seemingly threatens Diamond. And it’s revealed that he’s a cop.

The Flynn’s catch up with Tommy and bring him back to their compound. Walter tells him that he will put out the fires Tommy started, but he will leave the city. Tommy gives the drugs back and walks out.

However, Tommy decides to stay in Chicago and be his own boss.

Power Book IV: Force
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Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

What the fuck is with this city and parking?


Jenard: It don’t rain or snow on that side of the wall or something?
Diamond: It just feels different.