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A bar is lit up with bullets, and JP calls Tommy to the bar, where he tells him that he owns the bar. Tommy gives him some money and then tells him he plans to make more.

Flynn gets a call from his oncologist, who wants him to come in for more tests.

Tommy gets attacked by Liliana, a woman from his past in New York, but with police nearby, he lets her go. Later, he visits Diamond and Jenard at the barbershop and gives them back the drugs and money he got from them previously.

While Tommy and Diamond are outside the shop, they are kidnapped by members of Rojas’s crew, who are looking to exact revenge on Diamond for putting their boss in a wheelchair.

There are given bricks to get rid of, and they must get the money back in a few hours.

Diamond and Tommy travel all over the city, with Diamond driving and Tommy going making the drops. While doing so, Tommy scopes out the town.

Claudia approaches Walter about expanding to new drugs, but Walter isn’t interested.

After Jenard is kidnapped and the timeline moved up, Diamond and Tommy complete the drops to get him back. Diamond pays Tommy, who then attempts to give that money to JP.

Tommy visits Gloria, and the two share a kiss while Vic watches from outside.

Tommy gets an apartment in the city, and he tracks Liliana to her home, where he tries to kill her. He ends up finding a hidden stash of cocaine with a spider logo on it.

Power Book IV: Force
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Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Gloria: Vic, what are you doing here?
Vic: I needed to see you.
Gloria: We can't keep doing this. I can't keep doing this.
Vic: Is there someone else?
Gloria: No.
Vic: When my father's gone, I'll be free, Glo.
Gloria: You're never gonna be free, Vic. And the fucked up part is, your loyalty is the reason I love you.

Listen to me, take this money. The way I see it, we both alone.

Tommy [to JP]