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Jenard tells Elijah that he's not giving up on CBI. When D-Mack stops by, he tells him to gather up his smartest soldiers.

Tommy tells Liliana to follow Claudia.

Claudia meets up with an old friend to who she sells her drugs.

Tommy meets Diamond, with Vic coming eventually, and the three decide to work together behind Walter's back. The three then travel to the Yardies territory, where they hope to take over and start a new pipeline, but Elijah tips off Diamond to the police coming there to raid it.

Claudia tells Mai they need more product, and Mai mentions the old chemist of the product. Later, Claudia blackmails the chemist into working for them.

Vic confronts Tommy about sleeping with Gloria, and later Tommy cuts things off with her.

Tommy spends time with JP and his father.

Liliana is taken by the men whose product she stole, and they text Tommy to meet them. While waiting for them, Liliana overhears them mentioning Tommy's name. Tommy ambushes them, and he and Liliana kill them.

Tommy brin/

gs Liliana to the shop and asks Jenard to watch her. Realizing the Serbs are onto him being in Chicago, Tommy goes to Diamond and wants them to go after the Serbs, but Diamond says no.

D-Mack is revealed to be the one damaging JP's shop. When JP catches him, he doesn't know who D-Mack is, and he runs away.

Jenard pays Liliana for the old wages he owed her and tells her there is more money if she kills him.

Tommy meets with Tatiana, who used to work with Jason and gives her the coke back. She wants Liliana, and he tells her no. She has her men go to kill him, but Vic has his back and kills her men before Tommy kills her.

Power Book IV: Force
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Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Tommy: We good?
Diamond: I got no beef with you.

Liliana: Got anything to eat?
Tommy: No.
Liliana: I'm hypoglycemic.
Tommy: What the fuck does that mean?
Liliana: If I don't eat, I could die.
Tommy: Here.
Liliana: Gum?
Tommy: I just saved your life.