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Angela meets with Holly and demands proof that Jamie is Ghost. Holly tells her about seeing Ghost bring Tommy a gun once, on the same night Rolla was killed. Angela demands that Holly find the gun, so Holly digs around Tommy's apartment looking for it. She eventually finds a gun in the trunk of Tommy's car and brings it to Angela during a meet up at a restaurant (a meeting a hidden Greg witnesses). 

Unfortunately, the gun Holly brings isn't the same one that killed Rolla and Angela insists they meet up again and she bring something concrete. Meanwhile, Ghost runs into Holly and demands that she leave town again. After Tommy proposes, Holly goes to Ghost and agrees to leave town. However, she ends up staying and goes to Tommy to tell her about the arrangement she made with Angela. Tommy freaks out and she eventually leaves. 

Shawn and Tasha go gun shooting together and reconnect. After Ghost is arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, Tasha confronts Ghost about Angela. He tells her that Angela is a federal prosecutor and she tells him that he needs to continue seeing her as a way to get her protection. 

Later, when Angela goes to see Ghost and question him about Holly's whereabouts, he is quick to get her into bed. 

With the Serbs on board, a meeting is held to discuss the territories, although Dre is not in attendance. Later, Ruiz meets with Dre to tell him about the meeting and offer him loyalty. 

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Power Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Holly: Listen, when you and Ghost are working, I want you to be careful, okay? I mean, if you ever got hurt or arrested, I don't know what I'd do without you.
Tommy: Awe, I'm too smart to get shot.
Holly: Thanks.
Tommy: No problem. And I'm too smart to get caught. Prison is for assholes.

Angela: Jamie, I don't want to fuck up your kids.
Ghost: You're not, stop. I made this choice to be with you and it's the right choice.