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Angela and Ghost continue to disagree over Tariq's expulsion for taking Angela's gun. Later, Angela goes to see Tasha and tells her that she got Tariq's record expunged. 

With help from Medina, Greg is able to track down Ruiz and offers him a deal in exchange for ratting out Lobos. He also rejoins the task force. 

LaVerne plans a robbery and Kanan gets in on the action. 

Tommy finds himself in danger when a faction of the Koreans plan to kill him. As he is ambushed, Ghost saves, although Tommy is unaware. 

Holly goes to the Jamaicans to place a hit on Ghost. 


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Power Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Tasha: Is he in jail?
Angela: No.
Tasha: Is he dead?
Angela: No, Tasha. Jamie is fine.

But you know you didn't do it for Tariq. You sure as hell didn't do it for me. You did this for Ghost. And as long as you stay in this thing with him, you're gonna be doing for Ghost the rest of your life. Goodbye.

Tasha [to Angela]