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Tariq plans his escape from New York by attending a boarding school in Connecticut. 

Angela meets with the US Attorney and is disappointed to learn she is not being considered for the Head of Criminal job. Later, she meets with Proctor about joining him at his firm, but she declines. 

Ghost meets with Stern and demands a bigger role in the revitalization campaign, but Stern rebuffs him. Later, he goes to Tate with concerns about Stern ripping him off. Tate brings this to the city council and they demand that Stern restructure the contract.

Dre and Cristobal burn down Tommy's warehouse, putting Tommy into a major bind. While he does secure the money from Ghost to get product from the Serbs, the primeras decide to part ways with Tommy. 

Tommy goes to visit Teresi in prison. 

At a gala honoring Ghost, Angela is named the Head of Criminal.

Ray Ray kills Brains and goes looking for Tariq at his school dance. After Tariq runs away, Reina confronts Ray Ray and he shoots her dead. 

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Power Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

I'm part Sicilian? That makes sense. I eat the shit out of pizza.


Look son, I know what guilt can do that a person. It eats at you, til, til you don't know who you are.