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After Raina's death, Tariq continues to lie to the police and his family about what he saw.

Kanan confronts Tommy about the hit placed on him and they deduce that he was set up by Dre. 

Ghost and Tommy think that Raina was killed by the Jiminez. They go to the leader of the Toros Locos, who tells them that the Jiminez do not kill children. He also admits to killing Julio and Ghost then shoots him. 

Tariq calls Kanan looking for Ray-Ray. He then goes to Dre and forces him to reveal Ray Ray's location. Elsewhere, Kanan tells Tommy about Ray Ray and Tommy confronts Destiny. She also gives up Ray Ray's location. 

Tasha goes to Angela to clone Tariq's phone and traces him to Washington Heights, where Tariq, Ghost and Tommy have all converged on Ray Ray. Using Tasha's gun, Tariq kills Ray Ray. 

With Dre firmly aligned with the Jiminez cartel, Ghost, Tommy and Kanan band together to bring him down. 

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Power Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I won't rest until the man that killed our daughter is dead.


Y'all still beefing? You might want to get like marriage counselor or something.

Kanan [to Tommy]