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Angela meets with Donovan and Saxe and they go over the evidence against Sandoval, but fear it isn't enough. 

Ghost meets up with Congressman Tate and they discuss revamping his old neighborhood. However, Tate needs the streets cleared of drug trafficking. 

Ghost and Tommy meet and discuss the Jimenez situation and how to avoid war. Later, the two meet with the cartel and give them an ultimatum; they will give them access to their territory and ports and in exchange they will stay quiet about who really killed Lobos. 

Dre meets with the Jimenez separately and tells them that he will get them access to Tommy's operation if they can force Tommy out. He wants to be the biggest drug dealer in the city. 

After meeting with Saxe, Sandoval goes to Angela's apartment and questions her about thinking he's the mole. With Mak and the FBI listening, Sandoval incriminates himself and is arrested. At Tommy's request, Teresi gets someone to murder Sandoval. 

Tariq assists in another home robbery but leaves when the homeowner is being assaulted, resulting in her death. 

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Power Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

A goddamn war right now? No good for anybody.


If we're right, Sandoval is one of the biggest criminals in DOJ history.