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Ghost starts the open up to Angela about his past mistakes but Tasha stops by to talk about her telling the cops that her gun was stolen. The two ladies explain to Ghost that they have been working together and then Angela preps Tasha for the federal questioning that is to come. 

Alicia confronts Dre about telling Diego that Ghost and Tommy reported them to the FEDS. She doesn't want a war with the Serbians and she tells him to find another person to blame. 

Tommy puts the tracker he got from Angela on Dre's car. 

Rashad informs Ghost that the QCP and their donors are being audited by the IRS. Later, Ghost makes a truce with Dre and tells him he will get him his club back. 

Dre suspects that Cristobal is setting him up. He goes to Arturo to make him a translator but Arturo reveals that Alicia was the one that set Diego up. Later, Dre brings Alicia to Arturo and he is killed. 

Ghost tells Tommy that he can longer clean his money through Tommy. Tommy then teams up with Teresi and Sammy to move his product. 

Mak goes to Proctor's ex-wife to get her help bringing him down, in exchange for helping her get custody of her daughter back. 

Kanan visits Tariq and they go to deliver product to one of his customers. The exchange goes wrong and Kanan nearly kills the man. Later, Tariq decides to start selling pills to the kids at Chote. 

Blanca interrogates Tasha and offers her full immunity in exchange for turning in Angela and Ghost. Tasha tells her that Ghost didn't murder Ray Ray. 

Tasha tells Ghost and Angela that she will get Terry to lie for her. 


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Power Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

I know how you think. You play both sides against the middle. Find someone else to blame.

Alicia [to Dre]

You know me. I thought I had it under control. I thought I was making all the right decisions.

Ghost [to Angela]