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Tasha goes to Terry and asks him to lie for her about the whereabouts of the gun. He agrees after she tells him that she is trying to protect Tariq. 

Mak and Saxe go to Teresi and ask him to get more information about Ghost. Connie then confronts Teresi about lying to her about Tommy being his son. 

Jerry goes to Angela and warns her that she doesn't have any friends in her department. Later, she has lunch with Steve and inquires about any open jobs in his department. 

Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan go to Jason and he tells them that they need to kill the Jimenez sooner than later. 

Tate informs Ghost that he is off the QCP project. But Ghost later blackmails him when he learns that he is skimming money off the project to pay people. 

Tommy has dinner with Teresi and Connie and Kate shows up unexpectedly to cause a scene. Later, Tommy makes up with Keisha and the two resume their relationship. 

Ghost asks Kanan to kill Diego in his place. But Kanan goes to 2-Bit and gets information that while he is killing Diego, Dre will be killing Jason. Instead of following through with that plan, Kanan kills Diego and he brings his head to Jason, while also warning him that someone is coming to kill him. 

Tasha brings her gun to Ghost and Angela. And Ghost proclaims that if someone has to go down for the murder of Ray Ray, it will be him. 

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Power Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

The cleaner you get, the dirtier I become.

Angela [to Ghost]

When people are in love, they make bad decisions.

Angela [to Ghost]