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After killing Benny, Tommy disposes of his body with help from Kate.

Elisa Marie, who is now staying with Benny's sister Dolores, worries about Benny's whereabouts. Soon after, Vincent shows up and offers them protection. 

Tommy tells Kate that he's thinking about getting out of town, but after seeing that Ghost is running for office, he sets out to kill him. 

Elisa Marie shares the recording Proctor gave her of Tommy killing Ruiz and shares it with Dolores. They approach Tariq with the recording to gather information, but he denies knowing Tommy or Ghost. 

Tariq then warns Tommy about the recording. And before he goes to gather Elisa Marie, he runs into Blanca who gives him Keisha's personal effects. Within them is a bracelet he knows was Tasha's. 

Tommy confronts Tasha and she admits to killing Keisha and shows him that Keisha had turned informant. He chooses not to kill her. 

Tommy meets with Ghost and the two are ambushed. After escaping, he kidnaps Elisa Marie and brings her to his house, tasking Kate to look after her. 

Tommy wants to exchange Elisa Marie for the recording and sets up a meeting with Dolores. Dolores's father, Carlo, the head of a crime family in New York, tells Vincent to bring Tommy in. 

2-But calls Tommy from jail and tells him that Dre killed BG and was responsible for the warehouse being raided. This prompts Tommy to let Elisa Marie go and save Ghost from Dre. He asks Tariq for help but he tells him no, as he wants Ghost dead. 

On the way to Truth, Tommy is ambushed by Vincent and Vincent tells him that Tariq told him where Tommy would be. Tommy kills all of Vincent's men and Vincent before getting to Truth. 

He arrives after Ghost has been shot, and sees the identity of the killer, but Ghost tells him not to shot them. Ghost then dies in front of Tommy. 

Kate assumes that Tommy killed Ghost and pushes him away, prompting Tommy to leave New York for good. On his way out of town, he hears from 2-But who tells him that Spanky is the one who flipped on him. 

Tommy finds Spanky on the street and kills him before driving out of New York City. 


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Power Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

He has had your back long before LaKeisha. He's your brother. He will always have your back.

Kate [to Tommy]

Elisa Marie: Did he text you in the last hour?
Aunt Dolores: Why are you asking me that?
Elisa Marie: I know the system. Proof of life every hour on the hour. How many hours has it been?
Aunt Dolores: Well, not since last night.