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A Willie Nelson tune plays as we go through the streets of Annville. We see the bus and the mascot, Jesse running from the police, a line of women waiting for a 50% off bikini wax. The town is getting ready for a visit from God.

Tulip can't believe what she sees and then finds out where Jesse is. She thinks Donnie has kidnapped him, but after she breaks into their house, she finds out they've been hiding him. Donnie feels Jesse has saved him.

Cassidy is in jail and Sheriff Root comes for a visit. He asks a lot of questions, then shoots Cassidy only to offer him some blood for recovery. He's figured out Cassidy's true nature.

Tulip takes Jesse outside and wants to know what's going on. She has Carlos in the trunk and wants Jesse to kill him. Flashback to the bank robbery. Back in the present, Carlos says he did it because they were happy and he wasn't. Jesse walks away.

At the sludge factory, the sludge guy is on the phone trying to get his wife to consent to sex for the evening. She just wants to watch movies.

Back at jail, Cassidy is healing while Root asks about Eugene. Cassidy sorts of tells him, but not really. He asks if Root wouldn't be glad if Eugene was gone considering how he looks. This makes Root angry and he shoots Cassidy several times, then lets him go.

In Donnie's house, Jesse and Tulip are arguing about Carlos. Jesse finally gives in and gets all the material to kill Carlos. Tulip wants to know what he's doing. She decides she really doesn't want him dead. They let him go, but not before beating him to a pulp.

Donnnie and Betsy sneak Jesse back to church where they get ready for the sermon. Betsy explains how to use the phone. The church is crowded and Jesse comes out. 

Odin interrupts to tell the crowd there is no God only a god of meat. Jesse tries the phone, it doesn't work, then it does. God arrives with thunder and light.

Everyone is astonished and has questions. Jesse finally figures out that God really isn't God and calls him out using Genesis. God admits he's not him and that the real God is missing. The town goes crazy. Lawlessness rules the day. The mascots commit suicide. People are despondent.

Jesse decides he's going to find God and Tulip and Cassidy will join him on the roadtrip.

The sludge factory blows up destroying the town according to news reports, but everything seems fine other than the church. They're not even aware that the factory blew up.

Fiore comes back alone. DeBlanc is gone. The Seraphim is alive. The Cowboy shows up and is after Jesse.

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Preacher Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I'm happy with whatever we do as long as it's with you.

Sludge guy

Lose the attitude, okay? It takes a real man to let God in his heart.

Betsy Schenck