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We're back in Ratwater where The Cowboy shows up at a saloon and kills everyone before a storm hits then sits at the bar and drinks a shot.

Sheriff Root is taking Jesse into the station, but Jesse escapes.

DeBlanc and Fiore visit a travel agent to go to hell. 

Emily shows up at Tulip's uncle's house. Tulip tells her about Cassidy and gives her instructions. She's leaving to go to New Mexico to kill Carlos. Emily tries to tell her about Jesse, but Tulip doesn't care. She says Emily can have him, but Emily says she's got a boyfriend: Miles.

Jesse is under a bridge with a homeless couple eating breakfast.

Emily is preparing to feed Cassidy a guinea pig when Miles calls. After he hangs up she puts the animal in the room and closes the door. She hears him devour the guinea pig through the door.

Fiore and DeBlanc are back at the motel and flip a coin to see if they really should go to Hell. They flip until they get the Heaven side and start packing up, but can't find the heaven phone, so decide they have to go to hell. Turns out Jesse took the phone.

Emily is watching Psycho in Harold's living room.

In Odin's office a wrestling match is taking place. Miles is there and gets a call from Emily who begs him to come to Harold's place because Cassidy is loose and after her. He tells her which room she's in. He shows up and goes into Cassidy's room, but before he can escape, Emily shuts and locks the door. Cassidy finally has enough blood to heal himself.

At the motel, Sheriff Root discovers the Seraphim in the tub and calls for help. She begs him to kill her and he strangles her to death. She is born again behind him, but he doesn't notice.

The shuttle comes for Fiore and DeBlanc. Fiore can't take his trunk so he leaves it.

Emily frees the guinea pigs when Jesse shows up. She tells him she has to go pick up her kids and that Cassidy is in there. He and Cassidy have a talk and then work to get rid of the body. Cassidy tries the heaven phone, but it doesn't work. Jesse tells him he needs angel hands.

Odin tells Donnie that Jesse escaped, but that he'll be at church on Sunday to denounce God.

Jesse calls Tulip and leaves a lovey dovey message for her since she didn't answer. She listens to the message as she sits staring at Carlos who she's tied up.  She gets up with a meat mallet in her hand and walks towards him.

Back at Ratwater, The Cowboy relives the whole sequence of events from his daughter being sick to him killing the preacher and company over and over and over again. He is in Hell.

Fiore and DeBlanc show up. They have a job for him. When DeBlanc doesn't tell him, The Cowboy shoots him. Fiore tells him the job is to kill the preacher.

Cassidy and Jesse dig up the bodies of Fiore and DeBlanc and take their hands for angel hands in order to use the phone.



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Preacher Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

This town takes in all kinds, it does. The woman who sells her body to the man who pays for it. The hateful, the weary, the broken, the lost, and even the butcher of Gettysburg.

Ratwater Preacher

I love my horse. I love my wife. I love my little girl. And, as for Jesus, he can join us all in Hell.

The Cowboy