Preacher Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Finish the Song

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Now we know what Hell feels like.

The Cowboy makes another visit on Preacher Season 1 Episode 8 and we get to relive his own personal Hell along with him over and over and over again.

The Cowboy Is Back - Preacher

Those last few minutes certainly felt like Hell, didn't they?

All the momentum of the hour made an abrupt stop as we got to rewatch the entire opening sequence from Preacher Season 1 Episode 2. Then the opening scene of this hour repeated. Then the entire sequence went on a never ending loop. It almost made me want to scream, "What the Hell is going on?"

And now we know why. The Cowboy lives in Hell.

It should have been a dead giveaway in the amazing opening sequence when the Preacher welcomed The Cowboy to the saloon:

This town takes in all kinds, it does. The woman who sells her body to the man who pays for it. The hateful, the weary, the broken, the lost, and even the butcher of Gettysburg.

Ratwater Preacher

I'm not saying I enjoyed that ending loop sequence. I didn't. I get it. I really do, but looking back, the only thing the Groundhog Day from Hell sequence did was take away the power of the hour's opening.

I mean the guy walked into the saloon and slaughtered everyone while making the singer continue his singing as he did it -- before slicing off the guy's head. It was absolutely brutal, but it was beautiful, in a Preacher kind of way.

Why diminish that badass scene with a loop tape?

At least it ended. Thank you, Fiore and DeBlanc. Though things aren't looking too good for DeBlanc. I hope his revival abilities work in Hell.

They almost didn't make it there having played flip the coin to see if they should go home or go to Hell. Even though they had already bought their tickets, they obviously weren't looking forward to making a visit.

But Jesse spoiled that idea when they discovered he had taken their phone. I'm not sure if they know he took it, but we know he did. 

What would have happened if they just went home? And why didn't the travel agent question why they wanted to go to Hell, anyway? Wouldn't it seem a little odd that two angels want to visit Hell? 

That was a fun scene, btw.

Travel agent: Not sure this is gonna cut it.
DeBlanc: What else do you want?
Travel agent: The big one with me in the back for 20 minutes.
Fiore: If that's what it takes.

Emily wqsn't very fun this hour, and showed us another side. Actually, I was pretty floored by what she did.

I loved her non-reaction to Tulip upon learning that Cassidy was a vampire. I guess she's seen enough not to be too surprised by anything. I really don't think she believed it, though, until she fed him the guinea pig.

But, what she did to Miles. Wow. Did not see that coming.

And isn't it amazing that it was a human who cured Cassidy and not all those animals Tulip had been feeding him?

Couldn't Tulip have figured that out? There was no purpose for her to have fed that dog to Cassidy like she did last hour.  Tulip is smart, so why wouldn't she have thought to steal blood from a blood bank when the animal blood wasn't working. 

Preacher likes to shock, but that whole dog thing was pretty shitty. 

Still, Emily feeding Miles to Cassidy was so unexpected, but I like that. I wonder what Tulip's reaction will be when she finds out?

Did anyone else think that if Sheriff Root had the opportunity, he would've killed Eugene? It sure didn't take the Sheriff long to think about killing the Seraphim like she asked.

Which makes me wonder if he really does care that Eugene is gone. My guess is that he's just going through the motions. I think he would love if Jesse killed his son. He'd get his wish without the guilt.

Jesse didn't make much of an appearance this hour. He made up with Cassidy and may have saved Carlos' life with that lovey-dovey call to Tulip. He has the heaven phone, but we'll have to wait to see how he uses it.

Odin seems to think he's going to denounce God at Sunday's service. The guy is just a horrible person and a moron. Too bad Emily couldn't have fed him to Cassidy. Maybe I'll put that in my wishes for Season 2.

What did you think of "Finish the Song?" How do you think the season will end? Hit the comments and let us know.

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Finish the Song Review

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Preacher Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

This town takes in all kinds, it does. The woman who sells her body to the man who pays for it. The hateful, the weary, the broken, the lost, and even the butcher of Gettysburg.

Ratwater Preacher

I love my horse. I love my wife. I love my little girl. And, as for Jesus, he can join us all in Hell.

The Cowboy