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Tulip is zooming down the road with a gun. She's waiting on an elevator. She pistol whips a guy. The grail moved out of their office and just left behind a bunch of business cards and a poster of Jesus.

She's going back to Angelville and she's bummed. Dog God on a motorcycle pulls her over "look upon me tulip ohare. God. God came to thank tulip. It was God's design for tulip to screw up. It's her nature to screw up. Free will is a blessing and a curse. do not despair, just know i am a loving God. God. Tulip is in tears. She feels back for having Jesse stuck.

Tulip is questioning him and he doesn't like it. He's preparing a pass fail test for humanity. Tylip is calling bullshit and says god is just screwing around on earth. she calls him a dickwad. He glows and gets pissed. knkocking her over. Tulip vows to kick God's ass. 

TC is looking closely at cassidy. He's getting the bullet out of his wound. TC has cassidy on some drugs so he could take the bullet out. Cassidy is telling TC stories about all the times he's been close to death. He's wondering why Cassidy is't dead or scarred up. He tells TC he's very limber and that's why he's not dead. He wants some consume from TC. 

Cassidy opens up his case and drinks blood.

Jesse is asking why God went to Tulip. She said God stuck him there on purpose and that God is scared of Jesse. She reminds him he has free will. He warns Tulip not to go near his Grandma cause she's dangerous. Tulip said she's dangerous too.

Jody barged in. "Knock much!" Tulip.

Jesse, TC and Jody are in the kitchen talking. TC is wondering why he's not dead. Tulip walks in to get coffee. Jesse leaves with Jody. TC is in the kitchen with Tulip. Tulip. I said, sit tight. I am!

TC asks tulip is she wants to see his dick.

Jesse goes in to talk to Cassidy, but Casidy isn't talking to him. He tells Cassidy he was right about jesse playing God. Truth is, Cas, you're my best friend. Probably don't say it enough. - Jesse. He tells Cassidy he's his best friend. Cassidy thanks him. He apologizes to Casidy and he forgives him. 

He's telling Cassidy that he has to leave because of what they do to peole there. It's Angelville. He's telling Cass to leave for his own good. He refuses to leave without Tulip. Jody looks suspicious.

Jesse is yelling at the chicken and geting in the truck while Tulip watches. Tulip starts looking around the house. She goes into the torture chamber room place. She starts looking at things. She sees the picture of Jesse's mother and jesse as a baby on the shelf. She picks up an urn and looks inside. Eats a piece of what's inside. She picks up the phone and hears a weird voice.

She's trying to get in the filing cabinet, but it's locked, so she breaks in. She pulls out a bloody hankerchief. They're nothing but hankerchiefs. She puts it back and notices something is dripping in a little pan. She goes to touch is and a hand drops out. It's Grandma's hand. 

She runs into TC who saiys cassidy is doing ok. She tells TC she wants to see his dingle.

Jesse and Jody are at church. It's folded chairs and about a dozen people listening to a guy telling a story. He's a glue addict and is poring his heart out. Jesse's bored. After the meeiting, he starts talking to the glue stiffer. He wants to know if the tombs are open. Madam Boyd is in competition with Madam Longelle. Angelville is supposedly closed.

He's wondering why Jody still works for Grandma after everything she's done. Jesse asks for Jody's help. He says if you do't do it for me, do it for christina. He elbows jesse in the nose.

TC is naked and Tulip says his dingle is fine. He wants her to touch it and she said no. She's asking about the hankerchiefs. They're blood pacts. They're napkins. Pay off your debt or just destroy the napkins.

She is trying to stroke his ego, but he's on to her. He's telling Tulip a story. (Blood compact) A couple came in and asked for her compact. She finally let him have the compact napkin. He was excited. When he ripped the napkin, it ripped his wife in half and she died. The debt is only paid when miss marie says it is. - TC

He tells Tulip not to mess with Miss Marie. He's giving her a friendly warning. She said she wanted to touch him and then attaches a baby aligator to his penis and tries to find out how to break the curse. He said the only way is to get madam to break the spell and he said there's no way unless they know voodoo or magic.

Cassidy goes in to see Grandma. HE asks her if she's a witch and she says no, she's a healer. He's wondering why she hasn't healed herself if she can bring peole back from the dead. He tells her he's not a bad guy and she asks what she can do. He asks her for a love spell and says he's not leaving without it.

Tulip is in her car thinking. She keeps taking out the gun and putting it back. She is going to see Madam Boyd. 

Cassidy got the love spell. 

Jesse walks in with Jody and asks what Cassidy is doing. Jody is suspicious. Grandma calls Jesse in and tells her Madam Boyd  You're gonna do what you're told or you go in the coffin. She said if he's in  hurry there's always the tombs. He says no and she slaps him.

She mentions cassidy came by.

Cassidy catches the chicken a drinks it's blood. TC catches him. Cassidy asks him not to tell. TC hits him with the butt of the rifle and yells for Jody.

Jesse is calling Tulip, but she's not answering.

Jody and TC are hoopin and hollering. Jesse runs out and sees they've caught cassidy and hung him by a tree. Jesse has a different idea.

Tulip is seeing Boyd and makes up some story. She tells her about a blood compact. They're collecting souls. She's following madam boyd. All the doors are locked behind her. She faces Madam Boyd. They know who she is and they know about jesse. Tulip starts kicking ass to get out of there. She launches off his back and out the window. She gets thrown back in. Madam Boyd is a corpse. The assistant is Madam Boyd.

Tulip pulls a gun on her.

Jesse is in the tombs. Lots of people down there. Jesse puts on a hat and says welcome you sick sonsabitches. They are having a fight to the death between Cassidy and the pedophile gym teacher. Jesse steps back. Let's fight, he says. It's the only way to save Cassidy's life.

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Preacher Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Jesse: Tulip. I said, sit tight.
Tulip: I am!

The debt is only paid when Miss Marie says it is.