Preacher Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Gonna Hurt

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Cassidy is so disappointing on Preacher Season 3 Episode 3.

He's one of those characters who, just looking at him, you laugh. He doesn't even have to open his mouth.

This season he's on my last nerve, and to stab Jesse in the back like he did was just unforgivable.

Tulip Confronts God - Preacher Season 3 Episode 3

I get that he has a crush on Tulip, but to go to Grandma for a spell? Dirty pool.

Jesse even apologized to him (for what, I don't know), called him his best friend, and Cassidy goes and does that behind his back.

I hate to say it, but Cassidy might be getting just what he deserves right now. In the tombs, fighting for his life.

The debt is only paid when Miss Marie says it is.


If Jesse knew about the love spell, I wonder if he would've let TC and Jody burn him to death upside down in a tree. I guess we'll never know.

Cassidy was warned. This is just another example of someone not trusting Jesse at his word. First Tulip and now Cassidy.

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I get that Jesse was a bit overzealous and obsessed with finding God, but come on! He's still trustworthy. He's still Jesse Custer. 

But those two decided somewhere down the line Jesse wasn't worth listening to because he was full of bull.

Jesse Checks on Tulip and TC - Preacher Season 3 Episode 3

So, Tulip screwed up everything during Preacher Season 3 Episode 2, as per God's plan, and Cassidy found himself in quite the spot.

Speaking of not listening, Tulip's at it again. She's a stubborn ass. We know she's trying to do the right thing. She's trying to be proactive and free Jesse, but she jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. 

The first time she didn't communicate with Jesse or Cassidy about what she was up to, she was shot to death by Featherstone. This time, she's the prisoner of a voodoo witch.

Tulip's in trouble and nobody knows where the heck she is now.

Do not despair, just know I am a loving God.


Not that anyone could concentrate on saving her right now anyway because they're playing deathmatch fight club in the tombs.

Tulip is still a badass, though. The way she broke out fighting in Madam Boyd's place was something out of an old kung fu movie. She doesn't give a hoot how big someone is or how many people come at her; she's all fists, feet, and elbows.

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When she flew through the window for her dramatic and super cool exit, I was like, Yes! Then Boyd's goons had to roll her right back in and get her anyway. Talk about bad luck.

The O'Hare Curse.

Risking Their Safety - Preacher

She's so determined to break the curse and prove she's not a screw-up, she ends up screwing up.

Poor Tulip. I felt for her when God told her that was his design. He expects her to screw up and even counts on it. When God told Tulip his grand plan, it looked like He punched her right in the heart.

Tulip doesn't put up with anything from anyone, though, not even God. So, of course, she let Him have it with both barrels.

Knock much!?


Maybe Madam Boyd will help her free Jesse and break the blood compact he's got with Grandma. We saw on Tulip's way into Madam Boyd's lair, she was collecting souls, and we all know where this is heading, don't we? Tulip's going to give a piece of her soul to break the compact and free Jesse.

I hope she doesn't.

Tulip's one to think on her feet, and she's a smart sweet-talker, so maybe she'll think of something else to work out with Madam Boyd. Perhaps she'll promise to kill Grandma. Boyd wouldn't have any competition, and all the prisoners of her compacts would be free.

Jody and Jesse Hunting for Souls - Preacher Season 3 Episode 3

Back to Cassidy for a hot minute. Did he eat Jesse's chicken or was that some random chicken?

Hopefully, he's still clucking around somewhere.

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When Cassidy was hung upside down in the tree, maybe the love spray fell out of his pocket. If not, maybe he'll lose it during his brawl in the tombs. Either way, Jesse needs to discover what he's doing, and the fight needs to be done and over so they can save Tulip.

Not that she usually needs back-up, but it's nice to have every once in a while. Plus, I don't think she fully understands her situation. She's messing with things about which she knows very little or nothing at all.

Jesse: Tulip. I said, sit tight.
Tulip: I am!

I mean, she's a quick study, but it would've been a better idea to get Jesse on board with her plan.

He's familiar with the town and their capabilities and probably knows all about Madam Boyd. She certainly seems to know a thing or two about Jesse.

It would seem to me freeing Jesse would be a smart move. Jesse would move on, and Boyd would continue to corner the market on soul collecting right outside of Angelville. If she knows all about Jesse, though, she knows about the power Jesse's soul has so that she might want her hands on that.

By helping Tulip help Jesse, then assisting Jesse to get his soul from Star, she could steal Jesse's soul and have the power of heaven and hell at her fingertips.

We'll see.

What's your take, Preacher fanatics? Are you frustrated with Cassidy and his behavior? What do you think Madam Boyd's plan is for Tulip? Do you think Jesse will be able to escape Grandma and break the blood compact? What do you think God is planning?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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Preacher Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Jesse: Tulip. I said, sit tight.
Tulip: I am!

The debt is only paid when Miss Marie says it is.