Preacher Season 3 Episode 5 Review: The Coffin

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On Preacher Season 3 Episode 5, Tulip really doesn't know who or what she's messing with when it comes to Grandma.

Like I said about Preacher Season 3 Episode 4, it's not going to be as easy as killing Grandma.

Oh, she's easy enough to kill. Sure! She's as old as the hills and weak as a newborn kitten, but Grandma's smart.

Jesse and Tulip Prepare for a Fight - Preacher Season 3 Episode 5

She knew Tulip was a pistol, so she took precautions to ensure her safety. If Grandma dies, Tulip dies.

That slick Boyd almost had herself a twofer! Pretty smart. On the one hand, Tulip kills Grandma, and there goes Boyd's competition. On the other hand, Tulip kills Grandma and Tulip dies. Boyd gets revenge on Jesse without lifting a finger.

Her plan might've worked if John Wayne hadn't talked some sense into Jesse in the coffin.

You up for a fist fight?


Even though you knew Jesse was going to bust out of the coffin and run in to save Tulip, it still wasn't easy watching him struggle with those cigarettes.

One after one, failing to ignite. The coffin's filling up with swamp water, and Tulip's doing ninja moves with Grandma. It was stressful to watch.

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Add that to the fact that's how little Jesse got punished. It was heartbreaking.

Just Imagine.

How about that Tulip? She never ceases to amaze.

Jesse and Jody Fight - Preacher Season 3 Episode 5

The episode started off almost immediately with a choreographed fistfight between her, Jesse, TC, and Jody, which was both comical and beautifully executed. Then Tulip freed herself from the radiator. Then she killed Grandma.

Tulip just cannot be taken down.

That death thing?

Grandma cheats. That's not something Tulip can outsmart. Nobody can. Not yet anyway.

Jody: I'd be worried if I were you.
Tulip: Worryin's for pussys too.

She'll figure out that piece too. You wait and see.

Even though TC and Jody are on Grandma's side, it seems like they're willing to help Tulip and Jesse a bit, especially TC. He could've just let Grandma and Tulip die, but he clued Jesse in on the link between Grandma's and Tulip's lives.

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He didn't have to do that. TC might be the key to setting Jesse and Tulip free.

Even if Herr Starr gives Jesse back his power, he can't use it to kill Grandma. He would have to use it to break the link between Grandma and Tulip, then kill her. If that's not possible, he would have to trap Grandma, but command she stay alive.

The Fallout - Preacher

It'll be interesting to see what Jesse decides to do with his power. We know he doesn't want to be the Messiah, and God doesn't want that either.

What does God want? We still don't know.

He's got some pass/fail test going on. If humanity passes, he'll probably go back to heaven and sit on his thrown. If humanity fails, maybe God just gives up altogether, stays a dog, and lets the devil take over.

We'll have to see. We don't know enough about this test yet to make a definitive guess.

God's not gonna kick his own ass.


We do know that Tulip is failing, whatever that means.

For now, Grandma has them trapped. Jesse still can't leave.

If Starr wants Jesse to be the Messiah, kidnapping Cassidy isn't going to work. He's going to have to go back to Angelville and hand Jesse his soul. 

Not that Starr has Cassidy anymore. That was short-lived. Cassidy has got his own little cult following of vampire wannabes.

It's hilarious.

Cassidy Makes a Friend - Preacher Season 3 Episode 5

He might march them all back to Angelville to fight for Tulip and Jesse's lives. Now that would be funny. I'm looking forward to funny Cassidy again, and this vampire cult might be just the thing Cass needs to get back to his old comical self, friend to Tulip AND Jesse.

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The question is, who's going to lose their soul to feed Grandma? It can't be Jesse or Tulip, so it would have to be Jody or TC. Chances are, they'll end up going to town, and grabbing a nice juicy soul to bring back to Grandma.

Dead again, I see.


Now that Tulip killed her, Grandma is never going to let Jesse go. Not that she was going to anyway.

And let's not forget the Saint is on the way to do the devil's bidding. He's got a few stops to make first, but then he's coming for Preacher.

Jesse's running out of time, and he doesn't even know it.

What do you think, Preacher fans? Did you enjoy all the fight sequences? What did you think of Humperdoo's tap dancing? Were you impressed with Tulip? What are your thoughts on how to break the link between Grandma and Tulip?

Tell me what you think in the comments.

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The Coffin Review

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