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Young Jesse is praying at the foot of his bed. There is a bat on his bed, and God is in the corner. He goes downstairs to see Grandma who is counting money. He talks to her about leaving. She asks for the whiskey.

He wants to go to Texas to check on a girl. "Listen to me; you someday piece of shit. We're all that's left in this place. I am all the family you got." Grandma

He confronts Grandma about killing his family. She describes how she killed his parents. She says he's still too much Custer. She thinks he's afraid of hell.

Jesse is drinking whiskey at the table with the devil. Now he's holding a bat, ready to kill Grandma. She's laughing at him because he won't kill her. He leaves. She tells him he'll be back.

Older Jesse tells younger Jesse he should've killed her. Younger Jesse says that now is his chance.

Jesse is looking at the house. He goes inside the kitchen. TC holds a rifle on him. He uses the word on TC and freaks him out. He tells TC to back up. Jesse has TC shoot himself. He does - in the foot.

Jody meets Jesse in the hall. He makes Jody put the case down. "I could make you cut your own throat if I wanted to." Jesse

Tulip wakes up in Hell bus, and so does the Saint, and the Angel of Death. Saint and Angel go toward the Nazis. They all hold guns to them. The leader walks up to them and lists his demands. He wants Hitler freed. 

Angel of Death and Saint fight the Nazis. Eugene stops Hitler from escaping. Nazi and Tulip are fighting. "Yo, Nazi. Let's go." Tulip

Saint and Angel are winning outside. Tulip slits Nazi's throat. Two other Nazi's come aboard. She shoots them. Angel and Saint win. Saint gets smooshed by the tank. Eugene wins the fight. 

Saint watches Tulip and Eugene leave the bus. Angel heads them off. She's got Tulip by the whip. Saint has a plan. Tank shoots but the bullet are stopped by God.

Vampire people seem upset upstairs while Cassidy is downstairs. Cassidy is still attached to the board. Cassidy doesn't care if he dies. The bad vampire is trying to talk him out of it.

Tulip and God are talking. He wanted to save Tulip. He's not saving Eugene. "From this day forward, the name O'Hare with being blessed." God

He wants Tulip to stop Jesse from trying to find God. He says Jesse needs to keep Genesis out of the way of God's plan. She tells Him she doesn't need His forgiveness. She looks mad at him. He tells her about Cassidy, but she doesn't know whether to believe him or not. 

She goes to find Cassidy. Tulip is gone, and the Saint is after the Angel of Death. She tries to backpedal. He hurts her. The Saint gathers Eugene to take him to Hell.

TC, Jody, and Jesse are in the tombs. TC is the announcer, and Jody/Jesse are fighting. Jesse hits Jody with a board with nails. 

Cassidy chooses life with the bad dude. Dude takes Cassidy down. 

Back at the tombs, fighting continues. Jody brings up Jesse's father, and he goes nuts with a chain, choking Jody and beating him up against the wall. He smashes his skull and kills Jody.

Jody's not dead. Jesse realizes it. He turns around. Jody says he's proud and dies.

The vampire Grandma (Mrs. Rosen) volunteers for the blood ceremony. Cassidy and the main vampire go to bite her. She already has bitemarks. They're all vampires, and they turn against the main one. They nail him to the table. 

Cassidy turned Rosen, and she turned the rest. They all eat the vampire. Not Cassidy, though. 

TC is dousing Jody with gasoline. Jesse offers for TC to leave Angelville with him, but he says no, he's got nowhere else to go. Jesse tosses a cigarette at Jody. 

Tulip and Jesse text each other. He's going to kill Gran'ma. He'll be right back. Jesse enters the house, Gran'ma welcomes him. He gives her the souls and uses Genesis to say his debt is paid and uses it again to demand she release Tulip. 

She's shocked. He plans to kill Gran'ma and burn the house to the ground. Gran'ma made a deal with the devil. She said if he kills her when Jesse dies, he's the one going to Hell. He commands her to destroy a million souls, which means she's going to die. 

Jesse gets in the truck to leave. He says it doesn't feel like he won, so he goes back. He straps her to the chair and turns it on. She's sucked dry and dies. He sets the house on fire.

Tulip calls to check on Cassidy. Hoover came back. He's touched that she called. She's on her way. The roof opened up, and all the vampires burn, but Hoover gave Cassidy an umbrella to save him. He looks around, and all the vampires are dust. 

Featherstone hits him with a dart and knocks him out. Humperdoos are all walking around. Tulip shows up, and Cassidy is gone. The old lady and one vampire survived in the coffins. They tell Tulip who took Cassidy.

Eugene is in Hell talking to the devil. He's trying to talk the devil into talking to God. The Angel of Death has no eyes. The Saint gets his weapons back. Devil says it was God's idea about the crows.

He shoots the devil in the face. The Saint knows Eugene doesn't belong in Hell, so he takes him out. 

Hitler takes over Hell. 

Eugene is still mad at Jesse. He goes with the Saint. 

Tulip arrives to pick up Jesse. They take off.

Cassidy is being held, prisoner. An angel flies down. 

Starr knocks Hoover's umbrella off and burns him. Starr doesn't want Jesse as the Messiah. He plans to torture and kills him. He's got reinforcements.

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I could make you cut your own throat if I wanted to.


Yo, Nazi. Let's go.