Preacher Season 3 Episode 10 Review: The Light Above

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Boy, that Jesse Custer is a smart one. If he can get out of that blood compact, he certainly can get out of going to Hell.

On Preacher Season 3 Episode 10, everybody's life was in danger, except Jesse. The only thing on the table of his was his immortal soul. But Jesse's living in the here and now, and he wasn't going to be okay until Gran'ma was good and dead, Jody too.

Who would've thought TC would be the last one left alive?

Jesse Confronts TC and Jody - Preacher Season 3 Episode 10

In all my speculation, it didn't occur to me that Jesse would use Genesis to order Gran'ma to release Tulip. Damn her for making that new deal with the devil.

It's a good thing Jesse decided to go back inside and finish Gran'ma off because now the devil is dead. Who knows what will happen to the new deal now?

Let's see Hitler try to enforce it. Ha! Unlikely. Hitler's evil, but he's not devil evil. Not yet anyway. Maybe by the time Jesse dies, he'll have developed his evil skills to that level, and Jesse might have some trouble.

How fitting to have Hitler take the devil's seat.

Listen to me; you someday piece of shit. We're all that's left in this place. I am all the family you got.


Jesse might be living high on the hog right now with Tulip, but he's got two enemies out there after him.

First, he has the Saint on his way to kill him. He's bringing Eugene along, who is rightly pissed, but he's no match for Jesse.

Then we have Starr and the Grail ready to torture and kill Jesse. So, lots to look forward to next season.

Hell and Nazis - Preacher

Let's look at the Saint for a second. He's got a moral compass. Who knew?

On Preacher Season 3 Episode 9, when he found out from the Angel of Death that Tulip and Eugene weren't dead, he was taken back. He knew it was wrong to drag them to Hell.

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You knew from then on; he wasn't going to allow Tulip and Eugene to stay in Hell. Why then would kill Jesse? For locking him in the back of a truck and sinking him in a lake?

Big whoop! He's got nothing against Jesse, per se, he only wants to stay out of Hell. He doesn't want to continue to relive his family's death.


From this day forward, the name O'Hare with be blessed.


If Jesse can keep the Saint out of Hell, I think he has a shot at survival. On top of that, the Saint still has part of Jesse's soul, so Genesis should work on him if it comes to that.

We've already seen over and over that Jesse and Tulip can get out of any situation, whether it be talking or fighting.

Granted, Tulip might not have survived if God hadn't intervened, but she doesn't usually get stuck in a pickle. She did take down a few Nazis, so you have to give her that.

Tulip Confronts the Angel of Death - Preacher Season 3 Episode 10

As it stands, Jesse is with Tulip, and they're on their way to save Cassidy, so the stars are aligned once again. They had such a sweet moment at the car.

Anyway, is Cassidy going to be in the prison? It looked like an angel was swooping in to save him from the pit. God has a plan, so he keeps saying.

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Speaking of God's plan, it can't be that Jesse does right with Genesis and returns it to God because he specifically told Tulip to stop Jesse from looking for Him. He also doesn't want Genesis interfering with his plan. So, what could his plan be?

Yo, Nazi. Let's go.


It seems to me that God is tired of running everything. It would make sense that he plans to bring on the second coming. If that's not Jesse, then who? Certainly not Humperdoo.

I want to backtrack on something I said in the Preacher Season 3 Episode 9 review. I said that Jesse and Tulip could get out of any situation, but Cassidy wasn't as sly.

I'm big enough to admit I was dead wrong.

Starr with Hoover - Preacher Season 3 Episode 10

What Cassidy did in the basement was brilliant, and I'll never doubt him again. Unless he romantically goes after Tulip, but let's hope he's over that nonsense.

The only thing Cassidy didn't figure on was Hoover, that rat. 

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Maybe God's big test is for Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy's faith. To see if they can let things unfold, and trust that God has a plan.

It's Eugene's mantra, for God's sake. God has a plan. Too bad nobody listens to Eugene.

I could make you cut your own throat if I wanted to.


God told Tulip to stop Jesse from looking for Him. He said to her that Genesis couldn't be used to interfere with His plan. So, maybe if the trio let events unfold without using Genesis, God's plan will finally be revealed.

But the three of them are like wild bulls. The chance of them singing kumbaya and letting the chips fall where they may is mighty slim.

More than likely, Jesse will use Genesis to force events to unfold the way he sees fit, and that might be a big problem.

We'll see next season how it all plays out!

For now, it's over to you, Preacher fanatics. What do you think is God's plan? Were you surprised by Cassidy's savvy? How do you think the Saint's morality will affect his quest for Jesse?

Tell me your thoughts!

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I could make you cut your own throat if I wanted to.


Yo, Nazi. Let's go.