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The girls tried to do away with A's stalking by blocking all electronic messages from unknown users this week. That simply results in A making her presence felt more directly, however. To wit:

- Emily found the photos of her and Maya kissing inside her chemistry text book. She got pissed about that to Maya, who got offended at Emily's problems with their burgeoning relationship. Later, Emily apologized, but also said she needed some space. Oh, and Toby is her lab partner now.

- Aria debated telling her mom about her dad's affair. She tried to talk to Ezra about it for advice, but this led to a fight between the pair. Is their fling over? Not quite. After Ezra sort of flipped out on Aria in class, she went over to his apartment to yell at him, but he admitted his mistake. They bonded some more and Aria decided to tell her mom - but A beat her to it. Her mom received a letter talking about the affair AND saying Aria was aware of it.

- Wren paid Spencer - who learned that the paper she stole was being submitted for an essay contest - a drunk visit and said he wished he had met her before meeting Melissa. When Spencer drove him to his hotel, they kissed, an act witnessed by Hanna. When Spencer got into the car with Hanna, A had dedicated a creepy song to them.

- Hanna's dad returned. But he had bad news: he was engaged and his new love had a daughter around the same age as Hanna. He also said Hanna would have to work off the damage she did to Sean's car. It was a bad dinner all around and it got worse when Hanna went home. She got a message, written in A's color lipstick, on her mirror: "It won't be that easy, bitches."

Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Aria: My friends thought you had nice legs.
Ezra: What did you think?
Aria: That I was embarrassed my friends thought you had nice legs.

I wish we had a drum roll for this. We are officially A-proofed.