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There wasn't too much from A this week, as the show focused on its core characters. Let's run down developments that centered around them...

- Ezra realizes just how big a problem his relationship with Aria might be after the two of them run into a former friend of his at a bar. But Aria comforts her man, they kiss at his home and all seems fine - until he sees a message from A on Aria's phone and thinks she's told her friends about them. He asks her to leave.

Aria's parents also fight a lot over Byron's affair, causing Aria and her brother to have concerns.

- Spencer's father is overly excited about her winning that essay contest. He also makes her throw a tennis match at the club in order to impress a future client. Spencer does so, but feels dirty about it. The event is witnessed by an employee named Alex, who Spencer actually asks out. Later, at home, she admits to her father that she stole the essay because he thinks one should win at all costs anyway.

- Emily grows closer to Toby. They bond over music and make each other CDS, even though she seems hesitant to tell anyone about their connection.

- We see that Jenna uses the same shade of lipstick as A left on Spencer's mirror last week.

- Hanna tells Sean she wants to go with him to a virgin's club meeting. She also stumbles upon a therapist in the same building where her dentist's job is. It appears to be Jenna's therapist.

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