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This week on Pretty Little Liars, A continues to torment the girls, but also starts to help them in a few ways. Hanna, unfortunately, gets mostly torment from A, who orders her to eat six cupcakes in order to get some of her money back. The experience causes her to remember her former binging days and the fact that Ali taught her how to purge. She resists the urge to throw up the cupcakes and finds several hundred dollars in the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom.

Noel continues to press Ezra for an A on his paper, but Ezra sticks to the original grade. To keep Noel from continuing to threaten Aria, Ezra resolves to resign and move away. However, before he can do this, the principal finds the answers to three midterms in Noel’s locker. The girls get a text from A that says, “A is for Allison, not Amateur,” confirming that Noel is not A.

Emily’s mom finds marijuana in Maya’s backpack and tells her parents. Maya is sent to a juvie camp for three months and Emily’s mom forbids her daughter from seeing her anymore.

Spencer is worried about Melissa because she thinks Ian is manipulating her. Her suspicions get even worse when she finds out Melissa is trying to get pregnant, forgetting about all her previous ambitions. Spencer also finds out that Ian was at the Hilton Head resort the same weekend as Ali.

Finally, she cannot resist the temptation to open Ian’s boxes, but she and the girls find nothing. However, they get a text from A that tells them to check their computer. They find the video of Ali the night she died, but this time the camera is turned around to reveal Ian. The rest of the video seems to imply that Ian may have killed Ali.

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