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The girls struggle with what do with the incriminating evidence placed in their hands by A in last week’s episode. They end up deciding to take it to the police, but Spencer’s laptop is stolen from her gym locker (possibly by Ian) before they can do so. At the dance-a-thon that evening, they attempt to retrieve it from Ian’s office, but the key they stole from his coat pocket won’t open his drawers.

The evening is also filled with trouble for Hanna, who has been unable to find a job and desperately needs money to keep her mother out of jail. A texts Hanna and offers $250, then $500, and finally $1,000 for each dance with Lucas. With his girlfriend constantly blowing him off to dance with Lucas, Sean is angered and breaks up with Hanna.

Aria’s former babysitter, Simone, comes to town to visit and is fixed up with Ezra. The two have coffee and continue their friendly banter at the dance, which causes Aria to become extremely jealous. When she confronts Ezra with her fears, he calms Aria by telling her that he loves her.

Emily tries to speak with Maya at her delinquent camp “True North," but can’t seem to get her on the phone. After a pricey upgrade to her cell phone, Emily finally speaks to Maya, but is disappointed when Maya seems distant. She drinks the entire contents of Hanna’s flask and then drunkenly confronts Ian at the dance, telling him they all know what he’s done. Spencer and Hanna take her home, but not before Ian asks what Emily meant. Spencer claims she was only talking about their kiss last summer, and Ian warns her that no one else had better find out.

At Spencer’s home, Hanna finds the laptop on the coffee table and the video has been deleted, but there is a message from A that tells them to watch their backs.

Pretty Little Liars
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