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Spencer’s status as a “person of interest” causes lots of complications this week on Pretty Little Liars. The police search her house, and find evidence they feel links her to Allison’s death: fibers from the bloody sweater attached to her name bracelet. The stress of the ordeal brings her closer to Toby, but also gives Ian an opportunity to warn her to run away.

Aria’s parents progress towards a reunion, and her mother finds out that she’s dating someone when she receives a text meant for Ezra. Aria wants to keep the romance a secret, but her parents end up arguing about her evasiveness, which causes them to abandon plans for a family dinner.

Paige goes on a date with Sean, but later tells Emily that their goodnight kiss felt really phony. The two end up making out in Emily’s bedroom.

Hanna finds a cute owl pendant in Caleb’s bag and assumes it must be a gift. However, she sees it on Jenna’s neck at school. Spencer finds out it’s actually a flash drive, and Caleb confesses to spying on Hanna for money. Although he swears the drive had no real information on it and that he stopped spying once the two got closer, Hanna breaks off their relationship. She confronts Jenna in the bathroom and slaps the sunglasses off her face.

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