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Check out all that goes down on the season two premiere:

- Ezra tells Aria he loves her and the arrival of Jackie means nothing. But she isn't sure if she can trust him.

- Emily continues to face the reality of a move to Texas, a realtor comes through her house.

- Noel and Mona are dating.

- Caleb returns, tell Hanna he's sorry for lying to her and he really does love her. She doesn't know what to say or do.

- Spencer's parents make it clear they do NOT want her seeing Toby, but these two find time for each other. They are doing very well.

But this is the biggest development: with the town all thinking the girls are liars, and with Ian's body nowhere to be found, they are enrolled in grief counseling with a therapist, Anne Sullivan. Should they tell her about A? They are about to when they notice something strange in Anne's office: a diploma that had been in Ezra's apartment.

A had texted Aria and said she took something from there. But why is it in Anne's office? As a warning to the girls to be quiet, most likely.

Ian's car is then found at the train station, with $10,000 taken out of his account. How is that possible? To close the episode, the girls see a text on Melissa's phone. It's supposedly from Ian. They want to test the person, to see if it could really be Ian, so they ask the name he and Melissa chose for their baby. The next next message arrives with the right answer.

Pretty Little Liars
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