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Not a great deal of forward movement tonight, with the exception of Alison's brother, Jason, moving back to town. He definitely seemed shady, questioning Spencer about whether or not Ian really confessed to killing his sister and then telling the girls at the end that he was building a fence.

For what purpose? And why is he digging around his yard so much? Hmmm...


- The gals didn't learn more about Melissa texting Ian, but Spencer was disturbed by something she learned late in the episode: Melissa claimed she stayed inside all day due to rain, but her boots were soaked and a picture of her ultrasound was in her rain coat pocket. Might she have been delivering it to Ian?

- Emily discovered Danby, a local university, was interested in giving her a scholarship. But they couldn't guarantee it in writing, which is what Emily's mom needed in order to be convinced not to move. She also re-connected with a certain older girl we first met last season on the show.

- Aria tried to dump Mr. Fitz, but couldn't bring herself to do it. After he gave a passionate speech to the class on his final day of teaching high school, she raced to the parking lot and planted a major kiss on her.

- Hanna made up with Mona and also had a good talk with her dad. He came back for a few days to check on her, in light of recent events.

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