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Since Ali's diary is filled with code names, the liars begin to decode her stories and find an interesting poem that Aria believes refers to a bed and breakfast called the Busy Bee Inn. The girls decide to visit the bed and breakfast, thinking Ali might be hiding at the empty inn. However, A (Ezra) sees the girls with the diary and schemes to keep them from reaching their destination. After fooling with the car's GPS and disabling the vehicle, Ezra strands the girls in the woods. Aria decides to take them all to the cabin Ezra shared with her in the last episode, but she doesn't tell them who's cabin it is or that she's back with Ezra again. Ezra makes his way to the cabin and steals the diary. Meanwhile, Hanna must confront an old secret from her past (she once made out with Mike) as Spencer becomes suspicious of her dad's involvement Mrs. DiLaurentis.

Pretty Little Liars
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