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Hanna is shocked by the return of Mona and the two of them hit the brew, but they run into a very hostile Lesley, who blames Mona for her life being ruined. Hanna argues with her and backs Mona up, but Lesley is unfazed.

Hanna and Spencer decide to break into Radley in order to get the truth about Charles, but they find out that Lesley was in the asylum when they catch Mona trying to destroy her file. Much worse, they find out that she also shared a cell with Bethany Young and they come to the conclusion that Lesley blames them for what happened to Bethany and that she is A. 

Aria finds a shocking photo that might prove that A is a chick, but she must set out to get the information first. Sara gets wind of this picture and starts getting creeped out. She goes to Emily and tries to run away from it all, but both her and Emily run away from a hooded figure. 

Alison is sick of being warned away from Lorenzo from her father and sets out to annoy him by kissing Lorenzo on her porch.

Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Lorenzo: He failed to protect his own family. That's gotta hurt.
Alison: Well, it wouldn't hurt if he'd just admit it.

Sara: I read the text you got from Aria.
Emily: What text?
Sara: I saw her to a couple of times.