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The gals speak to Ali to get the truth from her about Charles. They are told that Charles is actually dead and he can't be their tormentor. The girls struggle to believe this and set out to have this confirmed. They decide to track down Radley's old files and must commit a felon in order to find Charles' file. 

They are shocked that it doesn't go past his 18th birthday, but find that Ali's aunt Carol is on the visitor log. They go to the house and find Charles' grave and come to the conclusion that he could actually be dead. Jason tries to confirm this. 

Ali's dad presents her with the revelation that Charles tried to kill her when she was young, but Ali cuts him off and says they should move on once and for all. 

Caleb is not impressed with Hanna not keeping him up to date about all things Charles and puts a tracker in her car, but this leads to a massive argument and they take a break. 

Aria and Byron get a little close when he tries to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid, but she is less than impressed when he says she can't go out alone.

Pretty Little Liars
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