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Malcolm has nightmares about when he found the girl in a box when he was a kid. He meets his mother for brunch and asks her about it again. She tells him that no one ever found anything and that it was a figment of his imagination.

Gil calls Malcolm in for a quadruple homicide of a family. Dani but mostly JT have reservations about Malcolm consulting.

The dead man, Aristos' mouth is sewn shut. The family was poisoned. Edrisa cuts the man's mouth open and black mamba snakes slither out. One of them wraps around Edrisa and Malcolm saves her.

Malcolm profiles the killer as a family annihilator and suspects it was someone who wanted to be part of the fandom or already was. Meanwhile, Whitly is calling constantly harassing Malcolm claiming he wants to help.

Malcolm is bit by a snake at the suspect, the other son who runs an illegal animal black market. He's put in the hospital and has more nightmares about the girl on the box. His sister checks in on him and listens to his phone messages. She realizes malcolm has seen their father.

Malcolm goes to see his father and asks about the girl in the box. He remembers his father giving him chloroform too. Whitly denies all of it. Malcolm realizes who their killer is. It isn't the son who ends up dead but the Aristos' lawyer.

He and Dani track him down and the guy poisons his family in front of them and himself. They save the family and him.

Malcolm and Gil talk and have a drink but the alcohol affects Malcolm's meds. Dani has to take him home. They bond and sha helps him with his restraints.

Malcolm visits his father again and asks about the girl in the box and Whitly makes it seem like malcolm may have had something to do with whatever happened to her. He swears he'll find out the truth.

Jessica is in cahoots with Whitlys guard who calls and tells her that Malcolm saw his father again. She's angry and throws and breaks her phone.

Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jessica: You look exhausted.
Malcolm: Yeah, well, not sleeping will always do that.
Jessica: Night terrors?
Malcolm: Yes.
Jessica: Are you being safe? The mouth guard, the restraints? Night terrors always required a seatbelt.

well nothing like a little murder to cheer you up.