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Jessica stops in to visit Malcolm. His locks are changed. He's having more night terrors. He somehow breaks the restraints of his bed and hurls himself out of a top floor window, his sole restraint keeping him from falling to his death.

Jessica chastises him for speaking to his father and tells him the girl in the box wasn't real.

Malcolm goes to talk to his childhood therapist. He wants to run for girl in the box by her again.

He arrives at a crime scene and the victim's brain was removed with interesting notes that let's him know the killer must suffer from delusions. The case leads him to one of his idols Dr. Brown.

She's doing a fear- based study and the victim worked with it along with with another victim. Martin contacts Malcolm to talk about the case.

Jessica goes to see Martin for the first time in 20 years after swearing she wouldn't. Martin flirts and they exchange banter. She tells him to leave Malcolm alone and to not take him away from her.

Martin mentions that he remembers what really happened when she tries to blame him for everything. Jessica appears captivated by him until he goes to reach for her and she pulls away and says she's terrified.

Malcolm has Brown narrow down her test subjects to determine who is the killer..when she figures it out they stakeout her house because they know he's coming to kill her after he tried to kill Dr. Mitchell buy lacing his drink with LSD forcing. Malcolm to break him out of a psychotic break.

Malcolm and JT stakeout together and talk. Malcolm goes in to talk about chloroform with Brown. That's when dominic the killer comes. He drugged brown. Later brown shoots him while high on LSD and is about to shoot Malcolm when JT saves him.

Malcolm tries to trigger memories with chloroform. He remembers finding the box again and going to see if the girl was in there. Jessica finds him and tells him to never speak of the girl again.

Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Be careful, Malcolm. How many other people died, and why can't you remember?


After what you did, I will never come back here. None of us will. Do you understand? Not ever.