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Malcolm talks to his therapist about his latest dreams about his mom. His therapist tells him that he's in crisis, and Malcolm agrees. 

He's driving himself crazy trying to figure out if Jessica knew about Martin's killing. He gets so upset he crushes a glass in his hand. 

He's called to a case. A social media influencer and model has been murdered in a replica of a photo shoot she did. JT is well-versed in the victim. He was a fan of hers. 

Malcolm figures out that her killer was most likely a stalker. He is too abrasive with the victim's boyfriend, and the guy lawyers up. It tips Gil off that something may be wrong with Malcolm. 

Malcolm talks to his mother when Jessica stops to visit to tell him that he's no longer on Martin's visitor list. He asks her if she knew about Martin killing and tells her about his dream. It gets heated between them and she's offended that he would be the one to ask her things when the rest of the world has judged her so harshly. She slaps him. 

Malcolm asks Gil for the video of his mother's interview the night his father was arrested. Gil refuses at first 

Jessica is upset about her fight with Malcolm. She tells Ainsley about it, and Ainsley is annoyed that everything is about Malcolm. She says she should go see their father since everyone else is so screwed up over him. She wants to do an exclusive on him. 

Malcolm goes to see his father anyway and demands Martin tell him if Jessica knew about the murders. Martin won't give him an answer and tells him to resolve things with his mother. 

Jessica finds the red dress and remembers arguing with Martin about him shaming them. 

Gil brings Malcolm the tape and he watches it. Jessica was upset in the interview and insited she didn't know. She thought he was having an affiar, not kiling people. She felt like she should have known. Gil comforted her. 

Malcolm is crying and emotional watching the video. He tracks his mother down at a women's shelter she's visiting and apologizes and makes up with her. 

Ainsley goes to see Martin. 

They found Roger, Tatiana's stalker, but malcolm figures out that he doesn't fit the specific profile. He needs Roger to share what he knows though. He tries to talk to him repeatedly, and at one point, Roge is run over by car. 

Malcolm goes with him to the hospital and convinces Roger that he's dying to get him to talk. Roger points the finger at Axel, Tatiana's boyfriend. 

Malcolm figures out that it's not Tatiana's stalker, it's on of Axel's. Mallcolm goes to an event at a night club to warn Axel of the killer on his payroll. 

Axel leads him out to the roof, and his security guard Joey comes out and holds Malcolm at gunpoint. Axel knew Joey killed tatiana and protected him. 

It was all part of a plan and the cops came to arrest Joey and Axel after they confessed. Malcom was wearing a wre. 

Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Jessica: Your father has agreed to remove you from his visitor list.
Malcolm: What? What did you do? 
Jessica: Anything to keep my son safe and sane-ish.

Psychologist: And you triggered this memory by purposely inhaling chloroform?
Malcolm: It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Psychologist: Malcolm, chloroform is both toxic and volatile.
Malcolm: Two underrated qualities.