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Malcolm talks to his therapist, Gabrielle about his latest nightmares. She tells him that his dream about stabbing might be sexual and that he needs to give into that desire. He leaves the therapist's office and bumps into Eve. He asks her on a date, and she agrees.

He asks JT for advice on where to take her. Jessica figures out he's going on a date and tries to prepare him, but he calls it short when he has another hallucination of the dead woman haunting him.

JT tells him about his favorite spot to take his wife on date night. Malcolm takes Eve there and they end up having a double date playing pool. JT's wife Tally is happy to meet him and it's obvious JT talks about him a lot. She wants him to profile someone.

Malcolm declines but Eve volunteers. He gets carried away and gets too close to home about why she got into her human rights work and the meaning behind the half heart tattoo on her wrist. Eve gets emotional and runs away.

Later on, they get past it and admit they scare each other, but they have sex. Malcolm wakes up and gets a drink of water, but the dead girl comes back and says he should remember her. Malcolm tries swiping at her with a knife, and he almost hurts Eve who came to see what was wrong with him.

Gil tells Jessica that the girl in the box was real. She feels terrible and he comforts her.

The case involves a dead guy who was bludgeoned to death after sex. He was part of a sex club of wealthy people. The apartment belonged to a married woman who indulged in the club.

Malcolm goes to Nico the guy whose hand he chopped off to get information about the club. He gets a meeting with Simone who goes back to his place so he can have sex with her as part of her vetting process. She doesn't give up much information when they try to interrogate her.

Later they find her husband dead. He had ALS and made the club for her. Someone came for Simone too and kidnapped her. It was Beth the married woman who broke the rules and fell in love with the dead guy. She wanted rjrm all dead.

Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Eve: I've been meaning to ask about your mother. How is she?
Malcolm: No longer armed, but still a little dangerous. 
Eve: Good. All women should be a little dangerous.

Gabrielle: I can't disagree with your feelings, Malcolm, they're yours. But there is another way of interpreting that nightmare. Were you aroused by that dream? Malcolm: Sexually? I was skewered.
Gabrielle: Penetrated. By a sword.
Malcolm: Fine. There were some erotic elements.
Gabrielle: Malcolm, what if this dream is a different part of your subconscious demanding to be heard? The part that needs sleep, food, sex.
Malcolm: It's a little Freudian, but I'll go for it.