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Martin is back in his group therapy with Hector and the rest and tells everyone that his kids are great, he's prouder than ever, and that he and Malcolm are closer. 

Jessica ambushes Malcolm to ask him how he's doing. He hasn't gone to see his therapist Gabrielle in months. He says what he's dealing with he can't really help and that she can't understand.

Martin calls Malcolm and tries to urge him to talk because he knows that Malcolm needs it. Malcolm is frustrated that Martin is the only one he can talk to and expresses as much.

At family brunch, Ainsley tells Malcolm that she still can't remember anything from that night and he tells her that her brain is protecting her. She's moving back into her apartment and Malcolm is surprised that Jessica is OK with that. They talk about Jessica's meddling and her relationship with Gil which she doesn't want to discuss.

Malcolm is called to a scene where he runs into JT and asks if he's okay. JT has been avoiding his calls, but JT insists he's fine and doesn't want to talk about anything. 

A priest is murdered in a church and is hung upside down from the rafters. He's been exsanguinated. They interview the nun who found him. Malcolm asks if Father Reyes performed exorcisms because of the rite for it found near the body. There's Aramaic writing of Abadon the destroyer written in the priest's blood. The devil.

Possessive Trance disorder  is Malcolm's profile. He goes to talk to Martin because of his past bleeding out victims. Martin has yard time so they talk and he tries to get Malcolm to open up about what happened. He then introduces him to Friar Pete.  Friar Pete discusses the connection between medicine and exorcismo even though Malcolm would prefer to believe the two worlds diverge. They tell him that physicians will recommend exorcism and send patients to the church.

JT and Malcolm go to some creepy house to talk to Norman, one of Father Reyes' people he performed exorcisms on.

The kid doesn't have too much to say, but Malcolm has to challenge things and crosses the salted line. Norman behavee as if the demon is talking and says that he killed Reyes and Malcolm has a demon and killer in him too. He charges Malcolm and stops injuring himself when he reaches the salt.

Gil (and Dani) are irritate with Malcolm when they find out. Malcolm concludes Norman isn't the killer. He's too out of control and the real killer did bloodletting 44 precise cuts.

Ainsley calls Jessica out for avoiding Gil.

Malcolm talks to Sister Agnes and asks her if she knows about the book of suegery that was probably used for the bloodletting. Sister Agnes tells him that she sees he's troubled and that he should try prayer and God. Malcolm refuses but then she turns into Ainsley and she's pleading with him to tell the truth about that night. She gives him a knife and tells him he knows what to do.

Malcolm wakes up at the station. It's was a nightmare. Dani and others in the bull pen are staring at him and Dani is wearing body armor. She appears to have been on her way to approach him.

Gil checks in on JT and asks him if he plans to do anything about the incident. JT wants to wait it out and doesn't want to take any risks.  

   Dani takes Malcolm home and they share a drink. She tells him that he's been off and that he can talk to her. He also checks in on her about the situation with JT. 

They talk about Malcolm's creepy art and it prompts Malcolm to realize the painter at the church restoring old paintings is probably the one who had a psychotic break from all the lead and did something. 

They head to the church. Sister Agnes us the one suffering from paranoid delusions from the lead paint. 

Gil tells JT to call for backup when they search the church, but the cop who harassed JT taunts him on the walkie and accuses him of impersonating a cop. 

JT, Gil, and Dani find Sister Agnes tied up. Malcolm figures out that Jonah the painter is the one who is suffering from the delusions. He ruined the painting. 

   Malcolm gets the archbishop out of there and locks himself inside with Jonah. He calls Martin. Martin and Friar Pete talk Malcolm through the situation with Jonah. Friar Pete talks Malcolm through performing an exorcism.

Gil calls to reprimand the unit for not showing up with backup. JT, Dani, and Malcolm watch.  Both are concerned about JT and want to help him. Dani wants him to go to the union. JT can't believe he's in this situation and also doesn't want to jeopardize his job. 

   Gil finally goes to Jessica's home to see her because she's been avoiding his calls. He tells her he knows she came to see him.  She let's him know that overhead the conversation and that they're right about her being broken and cursed. She breaks things off to protect him.

Ainsley overhears. She supports Jessica and tells her that she's not moving out. She's a little broken too.

Malcolm goes to see Martin. They talk again. Malcolm tells Martin that he is coming to grips with Martin being a part of him. Martin thinks that's a good thing but Malcolm shuts him out and down.

Martin confides in Friar Pete. He expresses wanting to get out. Friar Pete recommends Martin join his Bible study with a bunch of likeminded inmates

Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Both my kids are in such a good place. I've never felt prouder.


Jessica: Why haven't you been seeing your therapist?
Malcolm: Good morning, mother. Nice ambush.