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  • Malcolm throws a tantrum in Martin's room. Dani finds him and tries to provide some comfort. He's torn up that he got duped. 
  • He notices the butterscotch wrappers and pieces together that Capshaw may have been Martin's accomplice.
  • Capshaw gets pulled over, but the cop ends up hitting on her and let's her go before checking her trunk where Martin is.
  • Malcolm proposes his theory that Capshaw and Martin were having an affair. Ruiz kicks him off the case.
  • Gil backs Ruiz and Dani says she's scared too. Malcolm goes home, and Jessica agrees.
  • Malcolm convinces Jessica that they have to find Vivian because she could be victim number 24, and Jessica agrees.
  • Capshaw takes Martin to a cabin. He's still drugged even though he wakes up and can't move. 
  • Jessica and Malcolm hijack the head of the medical board's lunch to get information about Vivian.
  • Malcolm and Ainsley go to visit a former patient of Vivian's who considers her a hero.
  • Malcolm figures out that Martin is actually Vivian's victim.
  • Martin calls Jessica but Vivian stops the call. She tells Jessica to keep things between them.
  • Capshaw keeps drugging Martin and talks about taking over the mantle.
  • The team doesn't buy Malcolm's newest theory, but Dani agrees to go with him to support him.
  • Malcolm and Dani go to the storage unit but only find drugs. Malcolm thinks none of them care if his father lives or dies. He wonders who he is without his father. Dani reassures him. They kiss.
  • Malcolm chases after a figure in the storage facility. He confronts Capshaw. He demands she take him to his father. She gives him drugs to take. 
  • Gil checks up on Jessica but she won't tell him the truth. 
  • Ainsley shares her voicemail recording of Malcolm and Capshaw with Dani and asks for help.
  • Martin and Malcolm are reunited.
Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Malcolm: This doesn't mean we can't run a parallel investigation.
Gil: That's exactly what it means.
Malcolm: Gil, please! You know how much I need this.
Dani: Stop! I am scared. You barely made it through the last manhunt. You're not going to survive this one.
Gil: Go home, Malcolm. I'm not ordering you. I'm begging you.

Malcolm: I can't live like this, knowing he's out there somewhere. He could come for me anytime.
Dani: That's not what scares you. What scares you is living the rest of your life without your father.