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The trainees' latest task was to figure out where the FBI went wrong on several cases. They have to interrogate actors who are playing criminals that got away. During the exercise, Shelby goes against what her fellow agent said on the stand, and Drew confronts Liam. It gets ugly, and Liam sends Drew home for it.

Alex spoke with Liam and learned that no one died during the Chicago sting that went wrong. What happened was that Liam sold terrorists weapons from the FBI weapons cash, and the terrorists got away with the weapons before the FBI could bust them. Drew's pregnant fiancé was killed by one of those weapons.

Meanwhile, Nimah and Will begin digging around. Nimah poses as Raina and learns that she has been going to a cult with an impressive weapon's cash. Raina explained that those are the people that took Charlie, and she's undercover, but Nimah doesn't buy it.

Will keeps an eye on Caleb. He learns that Caleb has been posing as Mark Raymond, and then he later follows Caleb to a meeting with Samar. Caleb's keeping busy.

Back in the present, Alex runs off to Vermont to get help from Simon. He's not doing too well. Every morning he puts a gun in his mouth. Alex wants Simon to help her take down the terrorist, but Simon can't seem to live with the guilt over what happened with Elias and the bombing. However, Simon shows up at Alex's doorstep in New York ready to help her out.

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Your job, your case, is only won with a conviction. It's the only thing that matters.


I'm here to train, not to rehash the past.