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Did anyone else notice that Simon had some weird accent in Vermont?

On Quantico Season 1 Episode 14, Alex went to visit Simon in the wake of Natalie's death. I don't know if it was the lumberjack vibe or what, but Simon had an accent that I really don't remember him having. It stuck out to me.

Okay, sure, that maybe isn't the thing to focus on. Instead, let's talk about the breakdowns that Alex and Simon had in the forest. Like I mentioned last week, it was refreshing to see everyone didn't come away from the bombings unscathed.

They went through hell. They dealt with the uncertainty of Alex's innocence (and Alex had to deal with being a wanted terrorist), and then they had to decide whether or not to believe Elias, but it was all too late because the bomb went off anyway.

Our team played a part in the command center bombing. If I were them, I would spend my days second guessing everything. Could I have stopped the bombing? What did I miss? Was Elias playing me?

Simon and Alex are the only ones who have unraveled. Maybe we just missed everyone else's breakdowns due to the time jump, but they all appear to be handling things somewhat okay.

I like that Simon wasn't. I like that it broke him. I like that Natalie's death was what unhinged Alex. These scenes prove that Alex and Simon are human. They don't just brush off tragedy. It is still affecting them. Simon just had it the worst.

Every morning I put a gun in my mouth. Have you ever tasted a gun, Alex? It's awful. It's the only thing that feels right to me.


Alex wants Simon to help her find the terrorist. This isn't a terrible plan. But how is this any different from her arrangement with Natalie?

Yes, the terrorist hasn't strapped a bomb on Simon's chest and used him as leverage to get Alex to cooperate. However, the terrorist proved that s/he isn't an idiot. The terrorist watched Alex run to Ryan. What makes you think s/he isn't watching Alex most of the time and would then see her with Simon?

As glad as I am that Alex isn't rolling over, I need to see her take some kind of precautions. She probably shouldn't be in the same room as Simon.

They could communicate through encrypted emails or texts or phone calls. I'm not sure what kind of precautions Alex should take, but I feel like she should take some. Don't you agree?

The trainees' task of the week had the potential to be entertaining. Interrogations are rarely dull, but instead of focusing on it, we got snapshots. Usually the tasks have a lesson, but we didn't get one. Well, unless you count Miranda telling Shelby not to disagree with her own team on the stand a lesson.

The task could have been entertaining. Instead, it felt unfinished.

The task wasn't the focus. The personal issues that the task drudged up were the focus. This, of course, meant we had to dive into the Liam drama all over again. I'm so done with it. The small, small bright side is that now we know everything that happened during the Chicago debacle, so maybe that means we're done with it.

We're all haunted by something.


Honestly, Caleb's secret life as Mark Raymond has gotten old. We barely have any clues to try to make sense of what it all means. I grew tired of guessing awhile ago. The same can be said with the Samar storyline. These two storylines/mysteries are more annoying than anything else.

Will changes things a little. I feel like with Will following Caleb, we might actually get somewhere. Will's weird sock drawer and his determination to figure out what Caleb is up to makes things a little bit entertaining. There's a promise of answers. Will has breathed some life into these storylines, and I'm interested again. 

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts and conspiracy theories in a comment below.

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Your job, your case, is only won with a conviction. It's the only thing that matters.


I'm here to train, not to rehash the past.