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The Quantico case of the week is all about human trafficking and smuggling. After studying how people sneak across the border, the NATs are dropped off in Canada and told that they have to make it across the border without their passports. 

The twins program has been cut by the FBI, but Nimah and Raina refuse to give up hope. They use the Quantico test as a way to prove that they can still be useful. They got the job done.

Shelby takes a detour during the case to meet with her parents. They tell her that their company was going broke, so they sold software and weapons to Afghanistan. When they saw the second plane strike the towers and learned what was going on, Shelby's parents realized that they had now armed an enemy of the United States. They faked their deaths and fled to avoid prosecution.

The Voice wants a CIA asset who is only known by 2281. Simon plays Ryan and plants a bug and a tracker on him. Plus, he gets Ryan to set up a meet with the asset. Then, instead of Ryan and Nimah showing up to talk to the asset, Simon and Alex do. Imagine their surprise when they learn that 2281 is none other than Will.

Will's been held by the FBI for 7 months, and he knows nothing about the terrorist attacks. As for why The Voice would want him, Will knows why. He cracked NSA's encryption software, and he knows all the US military codes. It's all in his head.

Caleb learns that Shelby's parents only showed up to get more money from her. Caleb offers them 5 million dollars to leave now and never contact Shelby again. They take the deal.

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