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On the run, Alex turns to Simon for help. Simon got kicked out of Quantico, and now, he works for a tech startup. Simon helps Alex make sense of the bomb fragments. They discover that the person who is framing Alex started the frame job as soon as she walked into Quantico.

Back at Quantico, the NATS learn the art of profiling. Then, they are forced to confront how everyone else sees them.  Miranda gives the NATS an ultimatum - select three people to cut for the program or she will cut ten.

Alex manages to convince everyone not to vote, well, everyone except Simon. Simon votes, and that was the wrong thing to do. He gets reprimanded, and the next mistake he makes, he is out of Quantico.

Simon sets off an alarm to alert the authorities to Alex's presence. However, it is a rouse. He says it can't get away with helping her unless it looks like he was forced.

Liam brought in Sita, Alex's mom. Sita and Liam know each other, and Sita says that she is still covering for Liam's involvement in her husband, Michael's, death.

Sita shares that for the 10 years Alex was in India with Sita's family, Sita only knew where Alex was for 9 of them.

Turns out, Simon is working for the FBI, and his whole "not an agent" deal is just a cover.

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Hey, really cool spy training. What's next, how fast you can close a sandwich in a ziplock bag?


Maybe you're tired from all those late night phone calls you take in the bathroom.