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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 19, it's career day at Quantico. The NATs are tasked with picking their top career picks and locations, and they get to talk to representatives from all the potential careers. In the end, the representatives were actually the ones checking the NATs out. Each trainee received an envelope with the names of what career is interested in them.

Alex becomes suspicious of Drew's condition. She notices his tremors. Ryan and a representative from OPR tell her that she has a duty to turn him in. After almost dying on an HRT drill, Alex tells Ryan about Drew's condition. Drew left Quantico instead of going to see a doctor.

Shelby is suspicious of Caleb, so she decides to check out Sistemics for herself. Once inside, she runs into Caleb. He tells her that he's undercover, and that his glasses record video. Caleb hopes to get the leader, Dan Berlin, to admit that he ordered Caleb and others to bomb a courthouse eight years ago.

Surprisingly, Caleb was telling the truth. His dad was running and off the books mission with Caleb, and they do get enough to arrest Dan Berlin. Instead of him going to jail, however, Dan makes a deal. He gives up Sistemic's tax exempt status, which will eventually lead to Sistemics being outed as a cult and shut down.

In the present, Alex and Caleb team up. She starts helping him get clean, and he helps her brainstorm on how to find Shelby. Locating her is actually easier than they thought! When Alex walks into the FBI, Shelby is there. 

Shelby is helping the FBI upgrade their system, which raises a bunch of red flags for Alex, so she tells Miranda that Shelby isn't trustworthy because she lied about her parents being dead. While Alex is interrogating Shelby, Shelby taps out a message in morse code telling Alex that they are on the same side.

When the two of them meet up in the stairwell, Shelby tells Alex about her encounter with The Voice. She also shares that the digital voice is a bunch of the NATs (now agents) voices blended together, so Shelby wanted to install a back door in the FBI's mainframe to help her track down the terrorist.

Shelby's program works. The Voice calls, and they discover that the call came from a church. When Shelby and Alex arrive, they see Will. He's sick because he built a nuke with his bare hands. He says this and then dies.

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