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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 10, Miranda tells Alex that when Alex failed her mission at infiltrating the AIC, someone reached out to Miranda. She tells Alex that they can save all the hostages, but first, they need to get the drives that Lydia has.

Miranda takes Alex into the terrorist zone, and once there, they run into Nimah, who is furious at Miranda. Nimah and Alex manage to overpower Miranda, and Alex runs inside to try to save the hostages.

The lesson of the week at the Farm is how to leverage an asset into giving you something that you want. The target is a high ranking officer at the Venezuelan consulate. The recruits are supposed to work as a team, but Ryan and Alex have other plans.

Harry urges Alex to sabotage Ryan before he can do the same to her. Sure enough, Ryan gets a call from Nimah telling him that Alex's time at the Farm needs to be cut short. While Alex and Ryan both maintain that they won't do that to the other, Harry gets in and does some meddling. Sure enough, both of them are willing to sabotage the other.

Meanwhile, Leon has figured out that "Jane" is FBI. He texts her to meet him one place, and then he slips into her apartment and has a chat with Nimah. Leon says that he will work with them because he does not believe in what the CIA is doing.

Alex almost has Ryan kicked out, but then the lovebirds decide to make up. However, their skirmish at the consulate was caught on video, and Owen was watching.

When Owen confronts Ryan about it, Ryan tells Owen that Alex was jealous that they were both picked for the rogue group. As soon as Ryan leaves, Owen goes to Alex, demanding answers because he's not the one recruiting for the AIC.

Speaking of the AIC, while Owen and Alex are having a chat, the AIC is assembled by Lydia. She tells the recruits that they are the "real" CIA, and they will continue to train and meet under everyone else's noses at the Farm.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

I never said redemption came easy.


Alex: You have betrayed every oath that you have ever taken. Once all of this is over, you will pay for all that you've done.
Miranda: Everyone will, Alex, including you.