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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 9, we pick up with Alex being in FBI custody. She's there to tell the tale of the latest conspiracy, and who gets the pleasure of interrogating her? Why Hannah, of course.

Alex walks Hannah through everything, including her time at the Farm. While Hannah doesn't really believe everything that Alex saying, she has Shelby listen in for proof. After awhile, Shelby comes up with a new theory: the terrorist attack is actually an attack on the AIC. The AIC is the target.

Meanwhile, Miranda has been listening in to everything, and once Hannah and Shelby leave the interrogation room, Miranda goes inside with a gun and a silencer. She takes Alex out of the FBI and confirms that she is one of the terrorists. Miranda says that once Alex hears what she has to say, Alex will become one of the terrorists too.

Back at the farm, the lesson of the week is seduction. For Alex, that means trying to get more intel out of Owen. Thankfully, Harry is there to provide some assistance.

The actual test is to seduce a mark at a wedding, and by seduce the CIA means sleep with and wake up next to. For Dayana, the test had another layer. She had to get intel out of her mark, and then she manipulated Leon into helping her to ensure that her prints would not be found anywhere.

For Leon, the lesson makes him realize that there's something not right with Jane/Shelby. He is suspicious of how she only wants to hear him talk and never really opens up herself. He starts watching her house, and one day, he sees Nimah leaving.

Alex promises to lay off hunting the AIC if Ryan keeps her updated on everything that he finds out. When Harry tells Alex that Ryan has an AIC phone, Alex goes to confront him, telling him that she was lying when she made that promise. Ryan shows Alex his AIC phone, and then Alex shows him hers.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

The easiest way to pick someone up is from the bottom of the heap. You want information? Seduce your asset.


Hannah: All right, Parrish, what did you get yourself into this time?
Alex: Hannah? What are you doing here?
Hannah: I think the better question is, what are you doing here. The center of a conspiracy that no one magically knows about but you, again? Alex Parrish, national hero in the wrong place at the right time two years running.