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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 4, Alex and Ryan are ordered to lay low after the discovery of a second bug. However, when the lesson of the week involves the recruits wearing heart monitors on their wrist, Alex gets an idea.

Alex is going to clone Owen's phone, thus giving her a look at everyone else's read outs from their wrist monitors. Ryan then goes to ask all the recruits indirect questions about the AIC. It takes hours, but Alex and Ryan are finally able to match up Ryan's recordings with the read outs from Owen's phone. Alex and Ryan learn that Lee went red whenever Ryan mentioned surveillance, specifically using a bug.

In the future, Alex gets some alone time with Raina. She tells Raina all about how the terrorists want to do an exchange for Eric Boyer, the hacker they forced the US President to pardon. In exchange, the terrorists will release over a thousand hostages from federal hall.

The hostage exchange is a success, mostly. Raina gives Miranda the code that Alex suggested, and Miranda acted like she had no idea what Raina was talking about. Now, Raina is suspicious of Miranda. Meanwhile, Eric Boyer somehow manages to tell Shelby that Miranda is one of the terrorists via an email that looks like it was sent in 2012.

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