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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 3, Alex infiltrates the terrorist operation dressed as one of the terrorists. She's following through on Miranda's orders to count the number of weapons and terrorists, along with fifty other things.

At the farm, the lesson of the week is assessment. The recruits are learning how to observe everything around them. Being constantly aware of your surroundings is essential. After a couple tests in known environments, the recruits pair up for their big assignment.

Too bad the assignment is all a rouse. On the way to the assignment, the recruits are kidnapped and dropped in the forest. They have to find their way back before dark.

Meanwhile, Alex and Ryan have a mission of their own. They need to pick a trainee that they suspect might be recruited for AIC (the new nickname for the rogue group). Alex and Ryan choose to focus on Leon and Diana.

The recruits all make it back to the farm, and Alex and Ryan have a disagreement over who to bug. In the end, Alex loses out, and Leon is chosen as their target. When Nimah, Shelby, and Miranda go to listen in after the bug has been planted, all their hear is interference. The room is already bugged.

In the future, Ryan has a plan to knock off one of the terrorist's masks by staging a fight. Who better to fight with than Harry? Things go awry when Ryan almost knocks off Alex's mask, and she's outed to the terrorists. One of them is about to kill her, but Alex puts up a fight. She learns that one of the terrorists is an instructor she had at the Farm.

Alex throws her body through the glass ceiling with a message - 2 down. 

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Great, so if you find us dead in a double suicide, please assume that the last person we spoke to was in the AIC.


Alex: Ryan came up with the name. I thought it was cute.
Shelby: Cute? You gave a group of deadly insurgents a nickname.
Alex: It's better than rogue faction.